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Saturday, 27 October 2012

when i die

When I die, I want to die with a lots of good memories and rich life experiences.

I don't need a lot of money, materials or luxuries. I can't bring it down to hell or up to heaven. It's all useless. I don't need all that. So mahuan to be rich. Later you don't know who should inherit it. Donate it to the needy? Of course I will. But I have been doing it every now and then. I do charity when it's possible. I don't have to be rich by the time I'm old and donate it when I die. 

My principle is simple. Live simple live happy. Simplicity is happiness.

I enjoy my life and it's never dull. Everyday something new is happening. I learn new things everyday. 

My life is a beautiful journey because I know where to go, what route to take and what I want. 

It's not how long I live, but how rich my life is. 

QUOTE of the day

Treat others as you would like to be treated. If not stop talking about love, respect or trust.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Change? What change??

Change? What change?

It’s very ironic when people say they want to change or they have changed.

If you really want to change yourselves, you don’t have to tell the world, you can just whisper confidently to yourselves and do it.

It happens all the time when the people who confidently or maybe unconsciously say they want to change, ended up remain the same, some worse.

And how do you know you have changed? Simply telling people that you’ve changed will not prove that you’ve changed.

A change in you does not shown by what you said but through your actions. If you are a changed person, people can notice it without you saying it.

Only an attention-seeker with low self-esteem will keep on telling people every now and day, almost every time that he/she has changed.

What is funny and questionable here is hey how many times have you changed. In a week, you said you have changed for few times. So which is true? What mask are you wearing now? You changed from A to B to B to C to Z to D to K to T to X or what? What’s your formula, boy? Mind to share?

‘Change’ is a very important, heavy and full of responsibility’s word. You don’t simply use it unless you have done it.

Most of us want to change from bad to good but only those with strong heart and mind, dedication, perseverance and sincerity prevail.

A change takes time. There’ll never be a change if there’s no first step.

I guess you have to change the way you are now before you go out and tell anyone that you want to change or you have changed.

Sometimes, action speaks louder than words.

The biggest enemy in your life is none other than you, yourselves, not anything or anyone else.

A change is only a change when it has happened. If not, at all time, it is just a mere slogan.

Or a plain rubbish!

*siapa makan cili dia rasa cabai.*

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

kata-kata hikmat

Sesal dahulu pendapatam. sesal kemudian apa pun tak dapat.

Monday, 22 October 2012

the gone landmark of Kampar

Photo taken on 21/10/2012 at 5.33pm.

This is the 'after' photo of the fire in Kampar. You can see the difference in the 'before' photo at the post below or here

Glad to be back to Kampar and capture this. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Heritage row in Kampar burnt down

This photo was taken on 18/1/2011

To those Kamparians and UTARians, I’m sure you know where this place is. I just want to let you all know that this row of shops/houses in Old Town, Kampar has destroyed due to the fire that broke out on Monday morning/Sunday midnight.

My heart crashed into pieces when I heard the news. I have fond memories of that place. This is the oldest row of wooden shops/houses that is still around in Kampar. It’s older than the pre-war houses at the surroundings. It’s a historical place. The tin miners used to stay here too.

Do you know that the film “Kinta”, if you jeard of it, was filmed here?

I’m still sad with the loss. I just love that place because of the feel. I have lots of good memories in Kampar and that row of shops/houses. I remember there were bicycle shops, kopitiams, grocery shops, a fresh vegetarian shop and some residences.

The structures are testament of older generation that still living in the developing Kampar. Every morning you’ll see market goers and senior citizens dropping by this place, have a sip of coffee, hang out and chit chats with their friends.  

I haven’t captured and documented the shops in details. I guess I don’t have the chance anymore now.

But at least I had conversations with the people living or making business in the units. And I have the senior citizens’ photos are in my Ah Kong Ah Ma album too. =p

If my memory does not disappoint me, there was a talk in year 2010 that the row of shops/houses and other rows of houses at the back will be taken back by the land owner for development puposes. The other rows have been demolished in 2011. But I’m not sure why this particular row remained until today.

I’m humbly glad that I’ve captured this place in panorama. At least we know how it used to looks like before.

The structures may be gone, but the stories, souls and spirits live on.

When I’m back to Kampar this Saturday, I’ll go there and have my last documentation of it. 

This is one of the photo I took at that place.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Prokastinasi satu sikap langsung tak terpuji. Nanti benda jadi basi. Hati pun sedih marah dan mati. Jangan buat sendiri rugi. Sudah terlambat kalau menangis tak henti-henti. Ubahlah sebelum ia memakan diri. Kalau peluang sudah terlepas, ia takkan kembali. Menyesal tak berguna lagi. Ini hari satu ekspresi. Kalau tak suka, boleh blahhh dari sini. Kalau suka, like la banyak kali. hehehe. =p