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Sunday, 8 November 2009

natural war zone

i don't think anyone of you have been to war zone right?
yeala Malaysia kan is a pissed-full country
no matter what happen, we make noise here and there
then tomorrow we shake hand
Malaysians never fight for food
we just beg for food
so where got chance to be in war zone?

our nation's defence so strong
we have submarine! uh waaaa...
we have missiles! uh waaa...
we have more then enough protection

yeala we have money ma
ur parents pay tax every year what
if don't pay, Inland Revenue Board
or mostly people say Cukai/Hasil
they will come visit
if don't pay
Auditor-General won't come up with such report
if don't pay
they say you don't love the country

peaceful right?
but here tonight
in a small laid-back town
called Kampar
things are different

rain has been pouring
whole day long
i heard the loudest ever thunders
in my life
lightnings like disco light
i can see from my window
u can feel the war
without bloodshed
without money wasted
without tears
just some screams

yea i am scared
i am alone in my room
wana go back home...

so natural war zone
is always better
then man-made war zone

i duno what the crap im tokin about

QUOTE of the day

Lagi tinggi menggunung sebuah harapan, lagi tinggi lagi kekecewaan.