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Sunday, 22 May 2011

amma reminds me..

Finally i managed to meet my maternal grandparents before i leave. Meeting the person you love is one of the most beautiful things in the world ma.

It just feels so nice, content and loving.

She has bee taking care of me since i was born until i enter primary school.

One thing for sure i would do when i go there is to eat! Her home-cook food is always the best. Sometimes better than my mum. hahaha.

So i told her im leaving this Tuesday to KL for my internship.

This is what she said and i felt sad listening this from her. I know she's proud of me. N i know she's abit sad i go so far.

" You go so far to study you must take care of your health. You must tkace care of yourself. You are big guy already. See you so skinny. Must eat more rice, must eat according to time. Go everywhere also becareful."

QUOTE of the day

Winning is not only from the results but from the experience.

Happy Wedding Lee Li Kar & Annie Kok

WIsh you a beautiful marriage my friend.

Photo taken on 21/5/2011 at Lee Jetty, Penang.