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Saturday, 16 November 2013

full marathon again, PBIM 2013

Last year was the first time I ran full marathon and it was during the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012, with a distance of 42.195km. It was a pain in the arse attempting to run that far without trainings at all! I couldn’t walk for days. I only managed to complete about 35km in the 7hrs qualifying time. But it was a great experience. All this while, I joined and completed 10km runs, then half marathon in 2011 until I koyak in full marathon last year.

About 5hrs from now, I’ll be standing at the starting point with tens of thousands runners in the same event and same category again. Crazy I know! I am stubborn but I am determined to finish the unaccomplished race. It’ll be an uphill task.

Yesterday I had diarrhea and nausea. Went to see doctor but stomach is still in pain.

How to even run later? Yes it crossed my mind to just pull out, use that lausai as an excuse. But damn! It’ll be so lame. Even a handicapped man ran last year! A sea of fear in me right now. Heart is thumping fast. I am so damn nervous right now.

I’ll wear a shoe later. I took my shoes in the middle of Penang Bridge while running back to the starting point. I’ve bought power gel and some chocolates too, to eat during the run. I get sleepy easily, lack of oxygen and sugar I guess. I'm not going to carry my DSLR and run later, as I did last year. 

I know I won’t be able to complete the run in 7hrs. But then it’s possible lah. I’ve made some calculation. If I can maintain running for at least 100.2meter in 1minute, I can finish the run on time. I’ve timed myself, I achieved 900meter in 5minute. But to continue running for 7hrs, dream on.

I believe mind conquers all. You can do it. Yes you can. Push yourselves to the limits. That’s how people emerged stronger. It’s all about your mind. Never give up! Many people will be skeptical and look down on you but it’s ok. You do it for yourselves.

My aim this year? To run. And to run further than my previous records during the stipulated time.

Run! I will run! Run until I can’t run anymore. This will be the race of the year, the one and only marathon I joined.

All the best to all runners. See ya! If you see me walking, ask me to run.

Go out early because it’ll be jam everywhere and many roads will be closed.

Since there’s still time, let’s take a nap and spend some precious time in the toilet. =p

Penang Bridge International Marathon, 17 November 2013. Full Marathon starts at 2am.