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Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Just cut it! Potong saja!! When was the last time you potong?? When… You don’t remember??

WHY?!! because you never care. You take things for granted. A little tiny action makes a lot of difference ok!

Anyway, Yes I wana go potong now.

It’s too long already.

Cannot tahan la!

Too long not nice.

I don’t like if it’s too long. Not nice. People also say I look better if it’s shorter.

She always say long hair doesn't suit me. It's true.

So must POTONG! Not too short and not too long. Just nice.

Potong is very important in our life! We must cut it when it’s long. How can you keep it long-long like ghost?? Not nice lah.

Eh, you know what potong I’m talking about??

Not that potong lah. Huh? Which one? Ais krim potong? Potong saga? Potong bird-bird? Potong wira? Potong tangan? Potong kaki? Potong ayam? Potong sayur? Potong stim? Potong p1 w1max? potong fruits?

NO lah!

Ok let’s go POTONG…



  1. Hahahahaha..... what a farnee post ^___^ hehe... - miss anonymous