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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Collection of Yasmin Ahmad's

hohohohoho! yesh yesh yesh!!

i now have DVDs of Yasmin Ahmad's movies.

1. Sepet
2. Gubra
3. Mukshin

And it's all ORIGINAL!!

I was so ulu last time. People always say me and my used to be sayang look like the couple in Sepet.

I didn't know what Sepet is about at all. I watched Gubra at that time but i didn't know Yasmin Ahmad is the director of this movies. Then i did some research. haha! Finally i knew what is Sepet. Some people actually said we are Sepet 2. =p

i wana say this since a long time ago, I AM A BIG FAN OF YASMIN AHMAD!!

1 comment:

  1. Hehe...Dat's gud! U r one of great supporters for our local entertainment industry... well, how about Talentime movie? I nvr had a chance to watch it bt later i'll try to find it ^____^ n what's ulu? bt yeah, i totally agree u guys r sepet 2 ^___^ hehehe...- miss anonymous