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Friday, 24 December 2010

QUOTE of the day

You'll know if someone care, love, cherish, appreciate, and put you in their heart. You'll know..

3 weeks in Penang


finally i am home. i reached Penang on Wednesday morning. and i lost my handphone. i left it in the ferry.

this is the first time the exam for Journalism course finished earlier than other courses. most of the time, our paper is the last one.

last paper was on 18th. then i went to Kuantan from 19th to 21st. i had an enjoyable time with you Sotong, Dai Ka Jie, Jing Wen, Xiang Lin, Yat Kuan, and Siew King. Thanks for the great hospitality Yat Kuan.

i met up with Feli yesterday. it feels great to catch up with her again. she bought me a tie as a Christmas gift. lalalalala. and she made me walked in George Town and hopped into public bus instead of travelling with my scooter. it's nice to slow down and feel the life of Penang.

then i helped Sheau Fung from PHT to shift exhibition stuffs in the new Museum at Macalister Road. Everytime i come back to Penang, i sure look for her and help out whenever i can. she taught me a lot of things.

you know..  i just helped my mum to wash the dishes.

im glad i did.

this is the first time i helped her to wash the dishes eventhough she didn't ask me to do so.

i feel.. i duno. i should do something for this family, to ease her burden.

this semester break is the only time i have to be with my family and i'll make use of the time i have.

i'm going out now but my mum ask me to eat. hmmm.. but she has not finish cooking la and i am rushing. this is the situation i dislike the most. i know she wants us to eat. every mum in the world work so hard in the kitchen to prepare a meal for her family hoping that they will eat, stay healthy and not hungry when they are out of the house. i know she feels disappointed everytime i didn't eat.

well, i'll stay to have my lunch and be late for my date lah. =p

this semester break is quite long, a total of 4 weeks. but i only have 3 weeks cause i have to be back to uni for the new students Orientation. yeala that's my duty as SRC Chairman ma. 3 weeks is damn short la.. most of the time, i dun really care of holidays. but this time..