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Friday, 10 February 2012

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

let's listen to this song again! =p

my first watermarked photo!

Finally.. finally! Oh yes finally after being nagged so long by caring friends to have my own watermark to protect my photos from being used without permission and without proper credits, today I made my own watermark. wohooo sexy!

Ayooo creating n putting a watermark is really hard when you are not good in technology. So mahuan.  But what is not hard when you start learning them, right?

Now I know how to put a watermark. And jeng jeng jeng let me show off a bit my first photo with my simple watermark and it’s a panorama shot! How? Comment a bit, not on the photo, but the watermark. Er.. like that lo. Nothing special also..

It took me at least 30 minutes just to learn and put that GREAT watermark ok!

Aiyah this blog’s design is too small for my panorama shot la. Click at this link to view it bigger lah.

Yes OCE is proud of himself cuz he made it by his own effort. Aih.. you know, if you really want something, it’s really possible to get it if you put your heart into what you are doing.

Haih.. so now I have to watermark all the good photos before I post it online ah? Aiyah.. Someone help me do la…

*NOW YOU ARE YOU GOING TO STEAL THIS PHOTO? eh u can take away the watermark ka??*

quote of the day

Everything in life can be repaired. But if we never try to use heart to fix it, then it will forever spoiled.

蘇打綠sodagreen -【幸福額度】MV 官方完整版

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