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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good Samaritan

Thank Lord, my dream came true. Finally after trying n trying, my photo came out in Thumbnails, The Star today. I'm hoping that at least once or twice a month they will publish my photo la..

2 photos not too much right..

no (nasi) Pattani lo..

Not going already la.

Too much to handle in one night.

If I were to go to Thailand, means I have to depart this morning.

Too much to give up and let go. I have responsibilities here. I have tasks to perform here.

Many things holding me back.

Furthermore, this thing is too last minute.

It’s not compulsory. It’s not necessary. It’s not a must choice.

I can say NO to it.

I’ll just pray that I’ll get the chance again next time.

I told my mum. She’s ok if I go Thailand. She didn’t stop me. She let me to decide myself.

Why last night I’m holding back and decided not to go?

1.       Because this news came to me too sudden. Too rush la.
2.       Because later at 6.30pm I wana go for UTAR 2nd Karaoke Competition 2011’s audition.
3.       Because I haven’t settle my Final Year Project title and Industrial Attachment application.
4.       Because I wana take pictures of the oldest house in Old Town Kampar before it’s being demolished.
5.       Because I have UTAR Ball meeting tomorrow night.
6.       Because I already promise someone to go back with her on Thursday night.
7.       Because I already bought my ticket RM21.60 back to Penang this Thursday night.
8.       Because I scared no more ticket back to Penang this morning.
9.       Because I scared no more trip to Hat Yai today.

Wah I give so many excuses to justify my decision!

Red Mob

This is to announce that UTAR Kampar will be flooded with blood color today.


You wana know why?

You come and see it yourself la.

Can't make it??

Then you just wait for the photos lo..

Don't worry, no police involved. No FRU involved.

It's peaceful.

林俊杰 JJ Lin - 记得 Ji de

Oh im falling in love with this song la. Ok, maybe can use this song for my audition. =p