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Saturday, 29 May 2010

no more photos for today!

Time is seriously running out.

I have been sitting in front of my laptop the whole day, doing everything about photography.

Ok i cannot take it anymore.

No mor taking photos
No mor transfering of photos from camera
No more saving photos into external hardisk
No more editing
No more posting up photos
No more giving out photos to friends

Today will be a no photos day.

Im so tired of facing all the photos the whole day. I’ll only continue with all the 6 “No’s” after i go back to Kampar.

people, don't ask me anything about photography. don't ask me for photos. just don't mention the word. tq so much.

Now have to go out and develop birthday photos for grandpa. Then have to go so far to grandma’s hse to give them photos. I still need to buy stuffs back to Kampar. N i havent pack my beg yet. Room is so messy. Mum is nagging. Im going back to Kampar tomorrow. Arrrghhhh! Headache n sleepy. STress! I dun wanan go back yet.

Wana off9 d. Bye.

sing with me

good morning people.

let's go have breakfast.

but before that..

Come sing this together.

“Marilah, mari. Mari ke jamban. Tunaikanlah kewajipan, pada Indah Water.”

chicken getting results

finally i checkped my exam's results just now.

i went to the students' portal around 12.20am. i got into the results page d. but i stucked there. cuz i dare not to scroll down the page to look at the grade.

yea chicken. im a chicken.

I was shivering. Heart pounding as if im running for marathon. Adenaline gushed up.

seriously i freak out. i takut. goosebumps!vthis is the semester where the subjects are so hard that you know you can fail!

im so nervous until i got stomachache again.

Then my good buddy, Nixon so kaypo, he helped me to get the results. i gave him my username and password. he log in n he saw my results.

luckily no D. he said he saw 'CANDIDACY TO CONTINUE'.

i was like woah!! that means i pass! i can continue with my next semester.

out of a sudden, he copy n paste my results on MSN.

CRAZEE FELLA! i wana look at the grades myself la. ayooo,. but anyway thx to him la.

Im happy im happy. results are not bad. im satisfy with what i get. not to say unhappy but okokla.

Thank God i didn't fail.

u noe.. u people. i mean we people always say we'll do better we'll do hard work harder next semester. but all lazy and kantoi. all cakap je but kenot do. PHUIIII!! cannot lidat la. mana boleh. if we want good grade, must show good attitude and work hard.

one thing surprised me. I got a D for Communication Theories. impossible lo. i can get a B. i know how to answer the questions leh. i got confident in that paper leh! my course works' mark is among the highest n it is very high. apa sudah jadi! farnee la. the one that we all expect will fail we get C. i got C. the one that i expect will get at least C become D.

anyway, im glad i can still continue with next semester. i am so thankful. i am truly grateful. My prayer has been answered. i know i did many bad things but He's still there. i thank God. im lucky this time. but luck wont always by my side if i don't work hard.

im sad as well. my friends results are quite bad. i feel like crying! arrrgh! few of my coursemates already thinking of quitting. i mean to withdraw from UTAR. please don't do it. my batch already lose 2 students last year. i don't wish to see friends leaving again.