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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

QUOTE of the day

Peluang hanya datang sekali. Kalau terlepas, apa pun tak dapat.

my room is BOCORing

walaueh.. who never heard of roof leaking? i bet most of us know that roof can leak. some of you your house leaked before right??

biasala bumbung bocor.

but have you heard of 3storeys house like a semi-bungalow leaks? yes my room is leaking. dah BOCOR! my room ok?!! my room in 3rd floor is leaking because of the rain now.

KANASAI!! what house is this la! the contractor makan duit ka? they used cheap materials is it??! my room is not the only room that bocor ok. some other rooms also leak!! what kind of 3storeys house is this??!

THIS IS NOT AN ATTAP HOUSE. we are not staying in a kampung. we pay rm220 at least a month ok.

one of my housemate has moved out because of the leaking in her room.

now my laptop and table is wet. what if im not at home when it's raining? FLOOD la my room. KANASAI!

im gona call my house owner now. i told her already last year but no action has been taken. ok, she's busy...


YOU are quoted

"It's not about the marks that matters, it's the amount of knowledge you've acquired and also how much effort is put into acquiring those knowledge that counts."

~ Miss Por Heong Heong
~ lecturer of UTAR Kampar

*source: Eugene Kok Li-Jin