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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy New Year Happy Birthday Good Luck

People come people go.

There are newborns everyday. And there are deaths everyday.

Yet life still goes on.

In just this semester, i've seen a lot of celebrations, be it for birthday, for the dead, for the newborn, for a well done presentation, for new year etc.

Celebration is to thank and appreciate something, to move forward for the better, leave behind the past and enjoy the present.

So i really duno what im mumbling right now.

Ok i just wana wish my Tamil friends a Happy Tamil New Year. To my Sikh Friends, Happy Vasakhi.

Happy Birthday to Amirah, Chiakie and Tennee. ALthough life changed, we changed, everything also changed, but friendship never changed ok. Wish u guys happiness lots of lots of love and success in life, good health, good wealth, good brain and all the best in whatever u do. God bless u.
TO my sister, good luck for your running competition and marching tomorrow. i'll pray for u. i know u r not gona read this but it's ok, one day when u already grown up n im gone, i noe u'll read this. =p

Everyone needs luck. But luck will only be on your side if you work hard.

sleep as if u gona die


I have been sleeping for these 2 weeks. N I sleep as if im gona die. I sleep as if im not gona wake up anymore. I had nightmaresssssssssss!! I was shivering! Then I sweat! grrrrhh!

I skipped quite a lot of classes these 2 weeks.

I really duno why I cannot wake up. I tried to but I just can’t. my body n my mind are not working. They resist my command. They never listen to what I want! They are damn LAZY! And then I got flu. I got fever. Stomach is pain again. n again!

At the end of the day, im the victim,. Im the victim for my own behaviour.

I hate myself so much for being like that.

Im stress. I freak out everytime I thought the reports I have to submit before the deadline. I tried to hide myself up but time still flies.

Something is wrong with me by the end of this semester. Presentations and midterms were ok. but now the reports part, I screw up.

I know myself that I am not ok, emotionally. I know but I can’t figure out the reason. When im outside with friends, I ok. but when im alone in my room, the dark clouds just cover my entire room n my life. I feel like i need to hug someone. A guy or a girl, it's ok. I just need a hug. A big hug. A long hug.

No, I don't miss her.

But i feel like im missing someone. The feeling of missing someone is so strong that i don't even know who's the person im missing. What the heck im talking about?!! I miss someone la but someone that doesn't exist? grrrrhhh! Home sick perhaps? Or maybe because im stress up because of assignments?

Anyway, Im glad I finished 1 report already n 2 more to go.

Everyone delays their works. Everyone procrastinates. But we must not live in it! Fight it. Overcome it.

I wish this week will ends soon. And then I wana sleep again until my final. I dun wana wake up…seriously. I dun wana face anyone. I dun wana lepak jalan-jalan. I dun wana take pics. I dun wana eat. I dun wana talk. I dun wana online. I dun wana bath. I dun wana go out form my room. I dun wana do anything at all. I just don’t want.. that’s how I feel right now.

And don’t ask me why. Cuz I don’t know why..

I need to be alone.. yes.. just to be alone for tonight. N I wont be at home tonight. N I’ll stay awake till tomorrow morning.

Oh ya! Tonight got pasar malam but im not going. Tomorrow is the last day of Sushi Bonanza! Yumyum! I WANT!! =p

YOU are quoted

"A writer without a pen is like without a hand."

~ Elween Locke
~ 13/4/2010

*i think a word is missing.

this conversation is funny

hahaha. Poovan has been ponteng-ing a lot of classses this semester. n he didn't even online!! im gona kick his ass! so he online n i talked to him. im still talking to him actually. and this is our conversation via MSN at 1.05m just now. IT IS FARNEEE!

Poovan: CE.. I need something from you.

CE: Apa.

Poovan: CE today Tamil New Year la weh. Never wish me also.

Me: Haha. I know la. But today is Tuesday. Must sleep. Wake up. Then only Wednesday.

Poovan: Poda dei... crazy... haha..

Me: Deiii thambi, ni mudevi podakh gundechi sat tem por ra deiii!

I'm a very weird guy. Even it's already over 12am but im still awake, i'll still consider that day the day before 12am. And my mindset can only change after i wake up the next day. =p

*by the way, 14/10/2010, Wednesday is Tamil New Year.

photos of the thunderstorm (beautiful side)

hola people hola olang.

here is the second part of the thunderstorm photos, the beautiful side of it.

click n see la. if u like it, TQ so much. if it's not that nice, it's ok, tq, i'll improve my skill.

Okla that's all for today. Mood suddenly macam TAIK after i talk to my mum. grrrhh.