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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

photoshoot in the rain

IT'S RAINING MAN!! wooohooo!! hahaha finally it's raining! it has been so hot this few days. Usually it's like this every Chinese New Year.

Gila babi lebat ok! But it’s a good thing. Shoo shooo far away the hot weather. im sweating u noe..

Oh ya im all wet now. I just came back from taking family photos for my friend, Marie. How much??! No I didn’t charge her. please la I don’t charge my friends ok. it’s just a small favour. I won’t charge money from nice people.

Hopefully the photos boleh pakai la. the weather is kinda dark out there, so we did only 1 photoshoot outside n a few indoor.

Her mum gave me a big ang pau. Really big! Hahaha! Tq aunty.