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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

deleting a piece of history

I was cleaning the stuffs in my laptop. A lot of old stuffs. Very old stuffs. Some are so memorable and meaningful, full of nostalgia. But it’s the past.

I found few sound clips that I made when I was with her. Wanted to send to her at that time but I didn’t. it’s just a history nia..

I don’t think this history worth to be preserved. No meaning. No meaning for her. no meaning for me.

So yea I create a history tonight. I delete something which used to meant a lot to me. if you know me, you know im the type of person who collect stuff, I wont throw away my things moreover this is so special for me. this is about me and her..

Hidup kena ke depan kan??

Benda-benda yang menyebabkan air mata bergelinangan biarkan sajalah mengalir pergi seperti air di sungai.

Sedang aku mengemaskini, terjumpa pula lagu ini. Mata pula bekaca. Air mata mula menitis. Tak sempat ku sambut, ia terjatuh ke Bumi.

if im a Superman

People who is your superhero? Have you ever dream to be like them?

Hmmm.. I like Superman. How nice if I am a Superman.

I can fly high and freely like him. I can go anywhere anytime I want. I don’t have to dig out money for travelling. There will be no air pollution and road accidents. I will not have problem with splitting my time between two events because I can fly very fast. I can save a lot of people with my super power. I don’t have to have dilemma whether to go for an event or not because it’s too far, no time and too costly. I can be more punctual.

I can do a lot of things la that normal people cannot do. But im not a Superman! Ish!

Just let me be a Superman for a day can or not? I don’t mind to wear underwear outside lo..

Room for 9

An escapade from hot Kampar to cool Cameron Highlands

A room with 4 Queen Beds
A room with 10 pillows
A room for 9 people

oh it's in NST

ok how should I start? I wrote an article/opinion piece and I sent it to press’ ‘letters to the editor’ last friday. Then almost everyday I go Google my name. but until today I don’t see my name appeared in that section. And I don’t receive any news from anyone as well. So fine la I know what I wrote is not good enough to be published.

But then just now around 12.30pm, a man (photo) who claimed himself as the Special Assistant to Deputy Higher Education Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah  (yes he’s a original one) sent me a message in FB. He said YB read my letter in NST on Monday 16/8/2010 and he like my views. So this Special Assistant would like to arrange a meeting with me and YB.

I was like er..ok.. betul ke ni? First of all I didn’t know the letter came out. Secondly a Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister sent me a FB message? Thirdly im meeting the YB? Am I dreaming?

So I quickly went to dig NST’s archive and guess what, I saw my letter but my name was spelled wrongly to ‘Oh Ching Eng’. No wonder la I google tak dapat.

Then I gave my contact number to that handsome Mr. Special Assistant la. Takkan I nak reject kan? tak manis kan. But I still can’t imagine that YB agrees on my views and this Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister managed to find me in FB and sent me a message. Woah!! This is my first time lo…

Lastly, my name is Oh Chin Eng la, not Oh Ching Eng.

oh ya this is the link: