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Monday, 7 March 2011

梁靜茹 (Fish Leong) - 情歌沒有告訴你 I didn't tell you the love song

woohooo! finally i found this video. nice song by Fish Leong.

Anyway today's lecture talk about new media and yang sama waktu dengannya.

some blog is political, some is very personal and some for business.

i know sometimes i write about politics but this blog is not meant for politics solely. it's for me to express myself.

ok. tq. bye. =p

in presentation..

You might be so much better than your friends. You might not like the contents, language proficiency or style of their presentation but out of respect, you should not show your disgruntled face to them. As your friends, aren't you supposed to give them moral support? You are not perfect either. Accept others differences like how you want people to accept you.