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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

pening baca paper

Boring ah newspaper melay* ni. Merepek, merapu, mengarut, mencarut. Semua pasal gossip, kontroversi, menghina, meghasut, mencemar nama orang, cerita rekaan semua ada. Pening sampai keluar air mata darah gua baca!

*eh this has nothing to do at all with race ok. I’m just talking about the newspaper. Don’t get me wrong,*

Maggee Kari Ikan

Mmmmm... Ahhhhh...

Hahaa. How’s that? It looks tasty isn’t it?

Of course! Benda yang OCE masak semua sedap ok!

Tell me what food that you tasted not good?

This is a special edition maggee. Only available tonight.

The Kari Ikan is actually a leftover from lunch la. what to do. Hungry ma, cook it with maggee lo.

This is my dinner and supper.

Didn’t eat just now because I’m part of a theatre show tomorrow night. We had full dress rehearsal just now. It was cool. =p


It’s time to sleep and wake up early tomorrow to work.

It’ll be a long day tomorrow.

Working at daytime. Helping out at night time.

I have no time.

Good night.