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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tonight is a OT night!

Everyone let's OT (overtime) tonight. Chief Editor Kow Kwan Yee is chasing. Lecturer Mr. Afi Roshezry is scolding. more assignments are coming. time is running. the world is melting. people are dying. conflicts will be on-going. politicians stop bullshitting. the stars isn't blinking. tomorrow will be raining. the weather is still burning.

too many things to do n to think is damn annoying!

lagi behsyiok when you are in the state of undeciding.

wa mau gila-ing and crazy-ing.













QUOTE of the day

Try your best to and give the best you have and be the best although the results might not be the best results that you are hoping for.


Damn I supposed to sent my friend to the clinic at 2pm ++ just now but I woke up at 4pm!

Damn me! shit la!!

Arrrghhh im so angry at myself.


My stomach was aching so badly just now and it’s stil very painful now. I went to the toilet after I reached home. Then I duno why I fell asleep.

And I forgot to on my handphone’s ringtone. It was in silent mode cz I were having class just now.

I was so shocked to see 12miscalls, 2 sms and nudges in MSN when I woke up at 4pm.

I just made a very big mistake.

Mira and Tiff hav been calling me. I called Mira but they are on the way to hospital d. I know they must be angry.

Damn la! I didn’t do it purposely ok. I feel really really bad. When I was sick, Mira was the one who followed me to the hospital. But now I can’t even bring her to see doctor. Luckily Mira’s condition is not critical and life-threatening, if not im gona regret for the rest of my life.

I shouldn’t have fell asleep la! Tidur mati pulak tu!! and the stupid n funny thing is I was half naked. I was partially wearing my shirt. The shirt just covers till my arms. Yeah, I fell asleep when I was wearing my shirt!


I am so sorry Mira and Tiffany. =(

Sushi King Potong Stim

Sushi King Potong Stim.

oooooh it's so rhyme.

hahaha. people don't get me wrong.

Sushi King ing is good. nothing is wrong with the restaurant.

sushi king don't 'potong' people.

so you don't have to be worried.

and you don't have to 'potong' to go to Sushi King.

the problem now is us.

potong stim ooo!!

yesterday me Tiff n Rach planned to go to peirce our ears today then eat Sushi King.

so okla class ended early at 1.30pm. we asked our classmates 1 2 go or not.

discus punya discus. at the end only 3 of us going.


they have class. and some of them wana go library.

so fine lo all of us will go again next time.

Tesco is like 15mins-20mins away from our uni by walking.

it was so damn hot n i forgot to bring my jacket. zzz..

30metres away from the uard house, Tiff complained about the hot weather.

we almost patah balik ok!!

fine. we continued our journey since we gatai wana eat Sushi!

just after few steps we passed the guard house, my friend called. she's sick and needs to go to the hospital.

so our Sushi King's plan koyak lo.

Fren is more importatnt than our gatai mouth n stomach ma.


pakai chantek-chantek already.

we all so bersemangat, ada feel wana go today.

so long never eat sushi d ma. need to pamper ourselves.

ish ish ish friday only go la.

now i wana send Mira to the clinic.

Tiffany Oon n Rachael Soh, Sushi King?? Potong Stim lah!!

lie or hide? (part 1)

i was so confused over these two words last night.

my early hypothesis is these two words are differenent.

what is your opinion on these words?

i think we need to see it from a wider perspective.

what's the meaning of lie? and what's the meaning of hide?

is it the same? any similarities?

or is it different? any differences?

when do people lie? and when do people hide?

why do people lie? why do people hide something?

which is good and which is bad?

do we always tell lies or do we always hide something?

do we lie to hide?

or do we hide to lie?

im still doing my analysis and figuring out the meanings, the differencenses and the similarities between these two words.

what do you think?

i'm sure all of us lied and hid something from someone before.

so if you don't mind, share with me your version of LIE and HIDE.

thank you.

a call from a worried mum

well, i jz got a call frm my mum. She lied 2my dad abt my 31/3/2010 plan. She has to. no choice. I didn't tell my dad yet. i planned to tell him but i just duno how.

And my mum thought i'll never tell him. so she helps me.

Mum alwaz support me no matter what i do although sometimes i do crazy things, dangerous and life threatening.

She knows im enjoying it and it's my passion.

But now she's so worried n ask me not 2go.

I feel so bad when i have to lie to my parents. i feel more miserable when i made them worried.
I know they love me.

They never and they don't have to say 'i love you'.

i know and i can feel it.

i love them too.

so what should i do now?

I should review my decision now and it's not easy. It's tough.
It's hard when you have to choose between ur parents' wish n ur dream. =(