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Sunday, 31 October 2010

im skinny??

yes yes yes..

yea yea yea..

i know la i am skinny..

u guys dun have to tell me.

and don't ask me why im skinny.

how la i know i am skinny??!

what nonsense question is this??

it's not that i don't eat. i eat MORE than you do!

it's not my wish to be skinny.

I always pray. I always eat. I always exercise.


It's ok if we don't get what we want after we give all our best.

ada hikmahnya..

Ada sebabnya.

Who knows it's because i have some sickness that i don't even know.

If you can make me BIG, pls let me noe.

Make me big, i don't mind to give you a treat.


Thursday, 28 October 2010

QUOTE of the day

People want to see solutions, not what you have done.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

UTAR Kampar SRC not improving?

Nothing has changed since the new SRC team took over?

Are we not listening enough? Are we not responsive enough? Are we not efficient enough? Are we not doing good enough? Can't we change the bad perception you have towards SRC? 

I am not here to change your mindset. I am not God. Even God can't make you think what you want to think.

But my point here is if you see we are working, give us support and encouragement. Work with us, give us feedback. If we are doing better then the previous batches, if we are being different, if we change in the way we deliver, then change your perception, change the way you think, make yourselves open to changes. 

If we are not performing well, advise us. Let us know. If we still don't meet your expectation, let us know. Don't be quiet. If you never tell, we never know. And if you never tell, it's unfair to say we never do anything.

Have some faith in us.. Lend us your help.

Come to us personally. Send us sms. Write to us. We listen and we are willing to improve.

I accept constructive criticsms and I'm not hiding from my mistakes.

I listen. If my team members don't listen to you, i still listen. I am sure they listen too.

Come on, pour me with sincere answers.

Whatever your perception towards us, i accept it. It's ok. I will still continue working. i will still continue giving my service. I will still listen. I will still do all i can to improve students welfare. I will still coming up with changes. I will still do what i supposed to do. 

I am where i am today because of the 4% of you. But i am a student leader who represent the 13 thousand students of you in UTAR Kampar. Your voice are so significant and important.

Student Representative Committes always with the students. That what's me and my team always do.

To see changes, we must be together in voicing out our demands and needs.

Changes never happen in one day. But if we never take the first time in coming together and voicing up, nothing, forever, can be seen.

I may not be the GREATEST student leader ever, but at least, let me and my team members be the best SRC team ever in your studying life in UTAR Kampar.

Thank you.

Oh Chin Eng,

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

YOU are quoted

"You walk one step, you must think 10 steps ahead."

~ 25/10/2010
~ Mr. Wong Kean Loong
~ Head of Department of Safety & Security
~ UTAR, Perak Campus

finally, RM50!

7.13pm 21/10/2010 Pasar Malam's field, Bandar Baru, Kampar, Perak

Hehehehe this photo appears in The Star newspaper today. waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


Aiming A + A = Dean's List

oh God!! im high! im high! I AM SO SO HIGH!


i dunooooooooooooooooo!!

shit la! gone case la. i've been so crazy n hyper n happy n nonsense the whole day.

SEXY ah!

but i am so sleepy n tired wor..

it must be the petai busuk. or maybe the rain. or maybe The things happened today: bike got clamped, SRC's Opinion Poll, i had an icecream, dinner with Tiffany etc etc.

okok forget about the craziness. i have more IMPORTANT thing to say. i know i have been so.. so.. so lazy and no time plus no inspiration to blog. But now i have 1 thing that i wana say leh! MUST SAY ok!


yes i want!!

i'll work harder lo.. i duno why i feel so spirited and energetic this semester. The two A's that i got in my previous exam really boost my spirit. I can get A if i want. If other people can, so do i!! All this while, i never aim for an A and i never even dare to dream to be in the Dean's List.

This is the time. If i don't start to dream and work on it now, then when? This is the best semester as im taking only 2 subjects. Can get higher GPA and improve my CGPA. To be in Dean's List, my GPA must be above 3.5. An A is 4.0. So if i can all As, sure can get into Dean's List la.

It has must such a very long long time since i have this competitive attitude in studies. The last time was in 2003 i guess when i was in Form 3. My results were so good then. Then i became lazier n lazier..

Now i feel young again! i feel like the old Oh Chin Eng is back. The old Oh Chin Eng who always fight for the best, fight for the top ranks, fight for everything lah! I feel challenged now.

oh i cant wait for the exam. i know anything can happens. but well, we'll see la har..

If i really want something, nothing can take it away!


*oh do u see the big A in the photos? i just made it a while ago in less than 15mins. hehee.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Information Booth by SRC UTAR Kampar

ok SRC UTAR Kampar will b having an information booth and conducting an opinion poll at Block C and Block F from 25-27/10/10 11am-4pm. Pls bring all ur complaints, suggestions or whatever u 1 2 say to us!

Thank you =p

Sunday, 24 October 2010


hahaha! who says i can't read Chinese? who?? but seriously i can't read Chinese words. hehehe.


it means what is love la..

wana know the answer or not? okla i tell u la.


According to Googlle Translate, it means "Love is to hold hands and grow old with you."

Hehehe. Thx Jie Ee for the answer.

QUOTE of the day

When you fall for someone, seeing him for a second will brighten up your day. But if you don't like that someone, no use seeing him for every second.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

MAIN MISSION of the week

I am trying to settle as many things as possible in the first week of new semester.

God bless me..

Friday, 22 October 2010

sexy brunch

milk + cornflakes + toblerone

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Do you know?

Do you know that the buffaloes are afrad of human?

do you know that the buffaloes will stare at you until you move?

sensitive hearing

has telescopic view

can run faster than u

Bila Aku Sudah Tiada - Hujan

I actually posted this song before last year on 18th August 2009 at

WOah it's already more than a year. That time, i was stuck to it because i was recovering from emoness after breaking up with my ex.

But now, don't know. The song just came into my mind, playing non-stop.

Have you ever thought what will happen to the people around you, your family, friends, colleagues, supporters, acquaintances, and the people you love when you are gone??


then tey to think about it.

if it's a bad conclusion, then try to change it now. you still have time my friends.

time never wait for men but we can wait for time to pass. 

Hartal Day Special

I would like to encourage the university students to attend this event to know the missing piece of history from our Sejarah text books which has been covered up by the bureaucrats. 

"10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka" & "Revolusi '48"* film screening & discussion with filmmaker Fahmi Reza!

Date: Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Perpustakaan Mini Oasis, 225A, Jalan Bercham, Desa Kencana Bercham, 31400 Ipoh
Admission: FREE

With special guest Mr. Au Heng Fong (ex-CPM)!

Organised by LLY Cultural Development & Perpustakaan Mini Oasis

Tel: 05-5470327 / 019-4151014 (Mr. Yong)!/event.php?eid=111378818926648

*Please note that we will be screening the 2008 first draft version of "Revolusi '48" during this event. The updated version is still undergoing post-production work.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

random thought

A simple short message can simply make up people's day.

QUOTE of the day

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!


~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey 

~ 19/10/2010

~ via FB

today is 19th

Today is 19th October 2010.

Everyone knows it.

but haha it's my birthday!

it has been a great year.

looking for another good year ahead.


Sunday, 17 October 2010


Poovan just came back from KL. SO i went to fetch him from bus stop at 9.30pm.

On the way home, i saw a LOT of ppl in a shop. Got chinese and indians. i thought it was a celebration or something. so i kaypo went thr la. OH MY.. 

it was a FUNERAL!!

arrghh! i quickly went off while the people there looking at me weirdly.


I   O V E R s p e n t !

Saturday, 16 October 2010

QUOTE of the day

Before you pray for yourself, you must always pray for others.



i really think i just had a sleepwalk.

i slept on the bed in my room n i just woke up on the sofa in the living room.


i was shocked to find myself on the sofa. i really thought i was dreaming. so i checked around, played with my senses and yes im not in a dream.

but how come im on the sofa instead of my bed. i am sure i slept on my bed because i was so tired at that time and when i slept, my brother is just next to me, online in the room.

someone moved me?? carried me out of the room??


this is scary and so crazy.

i am still stunned!

i never experience such thing before ok. and i am sure i never talk or mumling when i sleep.

i am scared of sleepwalk la!!

to find out the truth, i have to ask my brother tomorrow did he see me walked out to the living room and sleep there.

my eyes are half-opened now while writing this. i wana test whether i am dreaming or im in reality. i think i am in the latter situation.

alrite i'll go back to sleep now as im so sleepy and blur.

i hope i'll wake up from my bed in my room and not somewhere else.

good night.



people, do u hear me??

hahahah! i passed my exam!


i passed my Year 2 Trimester 2 (September 2010) exam.

finally a day after the results are released, i dare myself to check it.

slowly, i paused, then i scrolled the page down. im still shocked with what i saw.

i passed. the subject that i fear the most didn't fail.

and i got A and B for all the 5 subjects.

i achived my target to get at least GPA 3.0

my CGPA eventually increase. fuh... it's a good thing. if not, i'll feel guilty especially to my advisor Miss Tan Jue Jun. My CGPA dropped before this and i can't let it drop anymore.

I must thank the lecturers for their really hardworking attitude in FULLY utilising the lecture time eventhough the slides are little.

thank you God. Thank you. thx for the blessing.

this is what i get for the efforts that i've put in.

people, if you want good results in whatever you do, then do the things that you should do. Do your best and He'll do the rest.

i hope my friends get better results too. i know they worked really hard, harder than i did.



Friday, 15 October 2010

Congrats Koo Kien Keat-Chin Ee Huey

I just watched the repeat show of badminton mixed doubles of Commonwealth Games. i am so PROUD of u Koo Kien Keat and Chin Ee Huey. the whole nation is proud of you. They beat England's Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork 22-20, 21-12. Goosebumps everytime i hear Negaraku with teary eyes. Malaysia, always my home..

Thursday, 14 October 2010

QUOTE of the day

True friend is the ones whom you can talk about EVERYTHING from your heart, laugh your heart out, share ups and downs, cry in front of them, tell no lie, no bad intention, honest and sincere for being together.

got money, cannot bank in!


Speechless la..

3 bad things just happened. But okla got 1 good thing. Hehe.

You see. I received a RM50 cheque from The Star in January and I forgot to bank in. I misplaced it. Yesterday I found it. So I went to CIMB bank to bank in the cheque. CANNOT!! Why? Because a cheque can only be bank in within six months. The cheque now is called DULL CHEQUE. Die lo.. I have to call The Star HQ in KL to request for a new one. If la they will issue me a new one.

Ok second story. I took photos for a painter and I got some pocket money from it. So I went to RHB Bank to bank in my money. Spent 5mins at the two Cash Deposit machines!! CANNOT! It says TRANSACTION REJECTION! Arrghhhh! Why?? After some checking, the banker said it’s because I didn’t touch my account for more than a year already. It has become DORMANT ACCOUNT. Arrrghh! You see la, now I have some pocket money, I wana save and bank in but CANNOT!

So fine. I have to activate it again. I gave my IC for verification. and guess what. The IC reader CANNOT READ my IC. The chip is SPOILED! Walaueh.. and I need to apply for a new IC in order to activate my account.

What is this la.. yennadei.. but hahah luckily something made it up for me. Ever since 2006 I have tracking and documenting old road name signs in PEnang. Riad name signs or street signs are part of the streetscape of a city. It’s part of heritage as well. I’ve found a lot of these. And as far as I know, no one ever document it before. So im kinda proud of it la. Hehehe. Anyway I was so shocked when I found a one today. And im more surprised because I never expect there is such kind of street sign and it’s still there today. The name on the sign is Prangin Road in the developed and modern KOMTAR enclave. This is history man.


vege diet

The Nine Emporer Gods Festival has already started.

the last day is on this Saturday.

The Taoist will be on vegetarian diet for 9 days.

You can call them fasting. The Taoist, Muslim and the Hindus fast with different ways.

all this while, me and my family only fast on the last day.

but ever since 2004, i fast for the last 3days until today.

In this religious festival, once you started to fast, you cannot stop. It's not good and it's a taboo.

you have to be clean especially food. no meat is allowed.

for me, fasting regardless of what religion you are, is not just about food. it's more than food. it's about abstinence, control of lust and desire, to clean our mind, cleans our heart, purification of attitude and faith and close the gap between us and our religion.

afterall it's about turning over a new leaf and become a better person.

God is always there if you ever believe.

and i do believe in my faith.

do good and pray hard..

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Where is Faizah??

At about 7.20pm today, my sister asked me something. This is our conversation.

Sister: “Why recently I always think of her?”

Me: “Who??”

Sister: “Faizah lo.”

Sister: “It’s about 5 years already I didn’t see her.”

Sister: “Do you know where is she now?”

Me: “I don’t know la.”

Sister: “I heard people say she’s in Sabah or Sarawak.”

Me: "Nola.."

Sister:  “You like have things hiding from me.”

Then I just kept quiet. I didn’t say much. I just hope she won’t ask again and slowly forget about her although my heart is telling me not to do so.

I want my sister to remember her. My sister loves her. My sister had a lot of good memories with her. My sister learnt from her.

I was shocked when she said all that. All this while, I was thinking why my sister didn’t mention her after so long. I really thought she has forgotten her. i was wrong. my ex is still in her heart, miss her and thinking of her, like i do. Kids nowadays have good memories har..

I feel bad I lied to her, I hid from her. I have been doing that since last year and she didn't know that we are not together anymore. I can tell for sure that they will never meet or talk to each other again.

it's not the time yet to tell my sister we are no more together. she'll ask more questions. she'll be sad. And i don't want her to have any bad impression on us.

Kalau tepuk sebelah tangan je takkan bunyi.

One day, she will understand why..


Sueh sueh sueh.

Sueh sueh sueh.

Recently so sueh.

The sueh season is here. When it’s here, it means bad.

I can feel it. I can sense it.

Everything seems not right. Everything is not smooth.

So many bad things happened.

my heart at this moment still dupdapdupdap for no reason. As if something bad is gona happen.

My heart just feels like popping out. Body is chilling.

Im feeling insecure and fear.
And you know what, when I was riding just now, I felt so lost. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt as if im gona bang to someone.

OMG. What’s happening.

And im feeling sick now..

how come???

usually my 'light' quite bright one.

ok the Chinese believe that human has some kind of 'light' on both their shoulders. the 'lights' will determine their luck or something like that.

so what, my light is very dim is it?

kamma. kamma. this must be my kamma. my previous kamma.

hmmm... alrite alrite. i'll do more good deeds, be nice, pray more, be a good boy.

SUEH arggghhhh!


QUOTE of the day

"There are people in the world so hungry, that God can't appear to them except in the form of bread."

~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monday, 11 October 2010

feed the chicken?!

Hahaha I laughed out loud when my mum asked me to go feed the chicken at my grandma’s house.

Feed with what?


Chicken eat vege one meh?? Since when chicken on vege diet? Ayooo.. my amma got nothing else to feed the chicken I think.

By the way the chicken is fully white!!

How special is that. And what amazed me is that in this modern world, someone, who is my amma, still rare chicken for its eggs.

And the chicken stays in a cage.


My amma still with her kampong lifestyle. =p last time in the olden days, she tied the chicken’s neck like dog so that it won’t roam freely and never come back. I still remember the chicken always shit! Shit a lot.

Im gona have fun with it tomorrow. =p


arrrgghhh why so bad luck why so sueh.


when you don't have money, you can do nothing.


everything seems so impossible.

you have to forego a lot of things.

you can only stay at home and not to go out or buy new things.

you have to cut down a lot of expenditures.

and i can't go see doctor.

i started saving since last month but that's just not enough.

i am so so down, emo, scared, lost and insecure.

feel like crying ok!!

how am i going to survive till the end of the year??

i can't!!

and i dun wana ask for money from my parents.

i've already an adult. how can i still open up my palm and receive money from them? i still have one brother and one very young sister. they need the money more than i do.

money in bank accounts are drying.

this is what happen when you never save, never control and plan your expenditures, and you spend more than you can earn.

God, help..

劉若英 (Liu Ruo Ying) - 後來 (Hou Lai)

this is one of my very favourite songs of all time. started to fall in love with it since i was in primary scool. ahh menusuk kalbu =p

Sunday, 10 October 2010

bye 101010

finally i am home. i just reached home ok... half naked resting and online.

damn tired la.

in few more minutes, 10.10.2010 will say goodbye.

10/10/2010 is definitely a superb day.

as i said today im packed, and yea i am so so so so..





rush here n there like orang giler.

aiyak panchit liao la.

nw is the time to fly on my bed. =p

good night.


Happening 10/10/10

Waaa happening Sunday in my beloved home.

And guess what, it’s 10/10/10 today.

What a nice number. My birthday is just 9 days away. =p

My schedule is packed the whole day.

8.30 pm Brother’s graduation at Youth Park.

9.30 pm Lee Li Kar and Annie’s engagement at Penang Chinese Town Hall.

12 pm Hizwan and Munirah wedding reception at Setia Pearl Island Grand Ballroom.

4 pm Jamuan Hari Raya Pemuda 1 Malaysia with Prime Minister at Kg. Naran, Batu Maung.

6 pm Photography competition at Queensbay Mall.

7 pm Carnarvon Street Tow Boo Kong 168th Anniversary’s Procession

Today is gona be a tiring but good day. A day that will be remembered.

I'm gona snap snap snap. snap until i drop. haha.

Alrite got to go. See ya. I’ll only be home at midnight.

Teaser - Newly-Wedd Hizwan and Munirah


Hizwan and Munirah

Dinikahkan pada 9/10/2010 di Masjid Negere Pulau Pinang.

Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Semoga bergatalan, berloving-an, berkekalan samapai anak cuti sampai masuk syurga.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

QUOTE of the day

If you are angry, you can never think properly.

Kuih Ketayap Maker


The one and only Kuih Ketayap Maker on the island.

10.33pm 9/10/2010 Chowrasta Market aka Kennabansan, Malaysia.

lausai again..

Lausai again. Eh pangsai kenot contol 1 ok.. when got shit, u shit ma. suddenly wana come out, must let it out. Don’t tahan-tahan. Not good.

photography is like dating

To take good photograph is like dating a beautiful lady.

You have to have the heart and passion, sincerity, patience, be ready all the time, willingness to learn from mistakes and to improve ourself, to appreciate every moment and always looking forward for good shots in life.

Either photography or dating, it gives me maximum satisfaction. Do your best in whatever you do, then we'll be able to live without regrets.

Night club raided, 48 GROs busted

ola ola... More pics and news at


tq. good nite.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Mee Pata/Mee Sotong

Mee Pata from Esplanade/Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

proud of my sister

this is a story about my sister.

i brought her to a Nine Emporer Gods temple just now.

While walking to my bike to go home, she went back to the temple.

She said she wana make a donation.

She took out two RM1 note from her pocket.

I asked how much she would like to donate.

You know what she said?

Guess la..

"Our family got 5 people, i donate RM5 la."

I was so shocked. At the same time, i'm so touched that this statement came out from my sister's mouth. I'm thankful that she is kind-hearted and she's willing to do charity. But i am more deeply moved when she care for the family.

I asked her to only make donation for herself.

At the end she put RM3 into the box.

Right now, i asked her how much and why RM3??

she said sincerity lo, because they might use the money to repair the furniture and the building.


tears of happiness are about to flow.

i am so proud of her.

YOU are quoted

"Mount ur flash with condom mari."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 8/10/2010
~ via sms

*wahahahah! boo Nixon. he's actually refering condom to the flash cap.

Nine Emporer Gods Festival

alright it's officially the Taoist Nine Emporer Gods Festival today. It will last for 9 days until 16/10/2010. Today is also the first day of the ninth month of Chinese Lunar Calender.

It's one of my favorite religious celebrations.

Why? cuz it's so happening with its rituals, street procession, piercing, lots of nice food etc.

You'll see me here and there to snap, click and capture the moments.

ok gtg n sleep.

i posted something here

Happy Nine Emporer Gods Festival.

good nite.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kiss and Say Goodbye - The Manhattans

This has got to be the saddest day of my life.
I called you here today for a bit of bad news.
I wouldn't be able to see you anymore
Because of my obligation,
and the ties that you have.

We've been meeting here everyday,
And since this is our last day together.
I wanna hold you just one more time.
When you turn and walk away, don't look back.

I wanna remember you just like this
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.
I had to meet you here today,
There's just so many things to say.
Please don't stop me till I'm though,
This is something I hate to do.

We've been meeting here so long.
I guess what we've done was wrong.
Please, darling don't you cry,
Let's just kiss and say goodbye..

Many months have passed us by.
I'm gonna miss you, I can't lie.
I've got ties and so do you.
I just think this is the things to do.
It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie.
Maybe you'll meet, you'll meet another guy.
Understand me, won't you try, try, try.....
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.

Maybe you'll find, you'll find another guy.
Let's just kiss and say goodbye, pretty baby.
Please don't cry.
Understand me, won't you try?
Let's just kiss and say goodbye....

Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

amazing music video by Coldplay. They produce good songs man!

1 more week


good morning Penang!

this is not the first time i wake up this early ok. i always wake up at this time, just that after i wake up, i sleep again only ma... hehe..

i'm back in Penang for more than a week already.

means i stil have 1 more week to go before new semester resumes.

cepat sangat masa jalan.

buka tutup buka tutup, makan tidur makan tidur, online tv online tv, pop, dah hari baru.

time keeps moving even if u stop breathing.

cepat-cepat go do the things that u wana do la..

i still have many things to do..

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

i promise you..

I am happy and proud of you. and i'll always pray for your success and be there if you ever need me again.. as always.. Mark my words. It's my promise.

*komed dean list



Hehehe.. just to say hie la..

I have many things to say but aiyah lazy lah..

I din blog as frequent as i used to.

Good night. Tata. =p

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Melawan Kesepian - Siti Nurhaliza

just saw this music video at Astro. touched by it. then i recall that this song is also the theme song of Wadi Unung, a drama from Astro last year if im not mistaken. it's a nice song with a touching lyrics. i was stunned listening to it. the melody is so captivating. it reminds me of her, someone i used to called sayang.. it's not wornf when you thought of your past right? it's part of us, isn't?

Siti, 2 thumbs up to you as always. I’ve been listening to your songs since my young age. You are our Malaysian pride. I am not a Malay but I listen to your songs. So do other many non-Malays. We are proud of you. I wish you all the best in your career n life.

Melawan Kesepian
Apapun yang terjadi
Berjalanlah tanpa henti
Air mata tertahan
Waktu untuk dijatuhkan

Nanti kita kan tahu
Betapa bijaknya hidup
Sepahit apapun ini
Pelajaran yang berarti

Semoga kepergianmu
Tak akan merubah apapun
Semoga mampu kulawan

Nanti kita kan tahu
Betapa bijaknya hidup
Sepahit apapun ini
Pelajaran yang berarti

Semoga kepergianmu
Tak akan merubah apapun
Semoga mampu kulawan

Semoga kepergianmu
Tak akan merubah apapun
Semoga mampu kulawan

Semoga kepergianmu
Tak akan
Semoga mampu kulawan

Apapun yang terjadi
Berjalanlah tanpa henti

Monday, 4 October 2010


Time never stops even if you stop working.

notice to volunteer

Halo NGO-NGO n poor people in Penang, cal me if u need my help or service.

I am back in Penang and i need to do something.

If got money, lagi bagos! =p

UTAR new buildings

Photo can be seen at

jangan malu jangan segan silalah klik.

it's a panorama shot actually


QUOTE of the day

Citizens of a country should not be deprived of free access to information by the government simply because such information is deemed unfavourable to the regime.

~ Kim Quek
~ author of the book “The March to Putrajaya – Malaysia’s New Era is at Hand”

Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu

Finally i know the name of this all-time favorite song. No doubt this is one of the best Indonesian love songs. One of the reasons you like a song because it represents you, it brings out the feelings and your soul. I like this song so much as the lyrics are like my history.. It's nostalgic and meaningful, touches the heart and awaken the soul.

Kekasih Gelapku

Ku mencintai mu, lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun engkau hanya, kekasih gelap ku

Ku tahu ku takkan selalu ada untuk mu
Di saat engkau merindukan diri ku
Ku tahu ku takkan bisa memberikan mu
Waktu yang panjang dalam hidup ku

Yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cinta ku
Yang ku cari selama ini, dalam hidup ku
Dan hanya pada mu ku berikan sisa cinta ku
Yang panjang dalam hidup ku
Hidup ku…

Ku mencintai mu, lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun engkau hanya, kekasih gelap ku

Ku mencintai mu, lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun engkau hanya, kekasih gelap ku

Ku mencintai mu, lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun engkau hanya, kekasih gelap ku

Kekasih gelap ku

Sunday, 3 October 2010

money by government = haram or halal?

As far as I know, this is the first time that a state government is giving out cash donation to the old folks but some politikus claimed it's haram. So i wana ask, the MONEY that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT spend on the country is HALAL or HARAM because Genting casino pays tax, TOTO Magnum too, tobacco companies, alcohol as well as imported pork and etc which is haram in Islam. So??

If federal government says that the act of Penang state government is HARAM by giving out cash donation which is from horse racing betting, then i would say our Federal Government is HARAM! Haram because federal government is the one who passed the laws, enforce it and now they want to legalise football betting. If BN could not please and help its people, please don't use dirty tactics to bring down my beloved Penang state.

Who is Halal and who is Haram?

Those doing charity or those giving the license and legalise the activity?

Stop being hypocrite. People with sound mind is watching.

Bersyukurlah kalau ada insan yang berbuat kebajikan. Jangan dituduhnya haram. Sesungguhnya yang haram datang daripada hati kita sendiri.

*to those who wana return back the money, can donate it to my bank account. I will feel very blessed.

kata-kata hikmat

You lambat, you apa pun tak dapat.