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Thursday, 31 March 2011

QUOTE of the day

Whatever we do, there are people who'll look down and dislike us but it's ok because there are also people who recognize and appreciate what we do. =p

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

smiling Tuesday 30/3/2011

It’s such a beautiful day when u r feeling gud, doin gud, seeing smiles frm frens, sharing gud news n get congrats frm lecturers, gettin advises and philosophies frm Miss Tan Jue Jun, celebrate Mr. Afi Roshezry's bday, knowing friends PONTENG class and go to waterfall, selling UTAR Ball’s tix, UTAR Ball committee members so hardworkin, no 8am lecture, tokin 2mum, knowin my bro is ok frm acci, speding evenin wif Tze Huey at the garden, got a job as photographer for few events, snapped nice panorama photos n of cos the weather is nice 2day. wahaha =p

see life is nice la.. =p

Monday, 28 March 2011

Ah Kong

10.25pm 26/3/2011 Penang

Isn't he cute? Damn cute la. Look at his teeth. Hahah. My Ah Kong was so happy during his birthday party last Saturday in Penang.

Im glad i went back to Penang.

QUOTE of the day

Life is awesome because life is unexpected. When life is unexpected, you'll do things that you never thought or plan to do, you'll experience moments that might come only once in your life, and even things that you never want to do in life. That's what makes life colourful.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mission Possible

Thingsss MUST be settled in 10 days by 5th April 2011. I’m FULLY occupied, no more new things coming in, let me clear off my debts and commitments.

Friday, 25 March 2011

missing Penang

wheeee!!! I am coming home at 7.15pm. =p

Thursday, 24 March 2011

YOU all are quoted

"Well, in life, there's always hurdles. It's how you get over it. Don't worry la, remember there's always a rainbow behind a downpour."
~ Carissa Soon
~ 23/3/2011
~ via SMS

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

PERIBAHASA of the day

Kerana setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga.

Kerana satu orang, rosak satu pasukan.

Monday, 21 March 2011

朋友們都結婚去了 - 宇珩 (Yu Heng)

QUOTE of the day

It's a sad moment when u have to say goodbye to your friends upon graduation. What to do, it's part of life, we grow and we change. We can't be at the same level forever. So if this is your 3rd year, do something meaningful with your frens and for your friends, at least u'll have something sweet and memorable to store in your mind when you say byebye. No point regret later because time will never stop for you.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

YOU are quoted

"Kalau takda hak, kita mati!"

~ Bato Bagi,
~ Naha Jalei longhouse head aka victim of the Bakun Dam project.
~ 2011

*Isn't it true? What are we without our basic liberties? We'll be the human without soul, bodies without heart. Our rights should be protected.

Morning @ UTAR Kampar

8.05pm 15/3/2010

what a small supermoon

people said that tonight's moon will be very beautiful. The news said so too. The Star said the moon will be bigger and brighter. read the news below.

alright, so,  many people from all around the world stay awake whole night to catch a glimpse on the moon which only appears every 20 years.

Despite the non-stop heavy rain in Kampar, UTAR-ians still kopek their eyes besar-besar to see the moon as if they never see a moon before, including me.

the clouds are so thick, covering the moon. the moon pulak shy shy hiding behind the moon. My friend from KL sms me to look at the supermoom.

finally at 3.30am i saw the moon. i went to the road with my zoom lense. the first thing i saw was not the moon but a cat with her kittten. two of them lying on the road, playing with each other and relaxing. i guess they were waiting for the moon to pop out as well. Then, suddenly, middle of the night, the kitten is hungry n sucks the mother's tits for susu. oppps. i use wrong words to describe the situation ah?? nvm. ya anak kucing minum susu ibu.

watching the kitten 'drinking' milk is so loving. i mean, it's such a loving scene la. after a while the moon finally appeared.


the moon is so damn small la. ayoooooooo. why so funny one. KL's moon so big and bright but Kampar's moon so blehhhh. what a small super moon. no difference with the normal moon also.

you people who's still hoping to see the so-called super moon, go sleep la k. the moon won't suddenly grow bigger la.

Good night.

Friday, 18 March 2011

QUOTE of the day

Do your best, leave no regrets.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jing Si Aphorisms

Grateful, our hearts would be touched and moved.
Moved, we would be inspired to take action.

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu Zhi)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kampar hujan lagi

Hujan turun lagi
Wah lebat so scary
But sejuk-sejuk syiok sekali
Everyone run back like crazy
Buat orang basah sampai bawah kaki
Tak boleh keluar kena makan magee
Some people already feel sleepy
Sleep la sampai esok pagi
I think many people tonite will be busy
It’s ok to stay awake we drink kopi
If wana last longer use cap Kapal Api
But remember NO Tongkat Ali
Marilah kita menyanyi tak henti
Cepatlah daftar baru boleh undi
Because General Election sudah mau mali
If you behsyiok don’t come to me
You go makan tahi
I wana go snap pics sana sini
I will see you lagi


I will talk nicely, i will put my words in a better way, i will try to talk only when it's necessary, i will not simply scold people, i will analyze more before i give my opinions, i will try not let my emotions to take over me, i will be good.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mentally strong Chong Wei beats Lin Dan, wins All-England

Chong Wei defeated Lin Dan in 52-minute match

21 - 17, 21 - 17

Saturday, 12 March 2011

yes i'm skinny, so??

Many people, too many to count, too many to remember who are they, commenting that I am skinny ever since I’m just a kid until today.

Er.. ok.. how should I response to this.

Everytime they say something about this, I’ll just listen because what can I do? I have pocket-sized body and so what?? Some adults will even question whether my parents never feed me is it or whether I’m too poor to eat.

And also the normal comments:

“Ayooo skinny la you!” “Why you so skinny one?” “You are so skinny la.”

What the fark??

So what if people are skinny?! Mana u sakit??

Why we always criticize and judge other’s appearance?

Don’t we all going to die at the end of the day?

Stop being so judgmental, so negative, so rude and so sarcastic. Come on people!

Many people scared and feel shy of their appearance. Many people wana change their physical appearance like wear braces, get plump, get skinner, put heavy make up and so on. Why so care?? It’s ok.. everyone has flaw in themselves. Take it as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. No one is perfect. As long as the heart is nice ma can already lo.

This is me, take it or leave it. If you choose a friend because of their appearance, then you TAK LAYAK to be called as a friend. A friend doesn’t choose their friends by the appearance. Accept others if you want other to accept you.

Friday, 11 March 2011

let us pray..

Today is 11th March 2011, 11311.

Today is a day we gona remember because tsunami striked again. Japan is highly affected with tsunami after a 8.9 richter scale of earthquake. I don't have to say much. Just open any news portal and you'll know how big is the impact. More and more people died with thousand of belongings destroyed.


let's do what we can do.

While most of us here are still safe, able to online and be with friends and family, let us put our hands together, just take one minute to pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters who are facing disasters now.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

kata-kata hikmat

Kapal terbang tidak menunggu orang.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

my first video

Jeng jeng jeng!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my first ever video production!!


I’m feeling so excited because this is the first time I make a video using a software all by myself. I am not an IT person. I’m bad in technology. That’s why I used about 2 hours to make this video. The Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is so different from what I used to see few years ago. I think it has been upgraded.

So what’s so great about this video? It’s great because my effort paid off. I feel so satisfied because I finished what I’ve started.

This video is not shot by video camera. It’s actually a photo slideshows and I made it into a video so that I can post it on Youtube.

105 photos are used to make this video. I shot these photos back in 31/12/2009. It was 5am in the morning and I stood in front of Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang for 30 minutes, waiting for the moon to set.

And I was so lucky because the moon was at its fullest that night, which was also the 15th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Besides than photography, I actually enjoy videography too. I want to be in the video and I want to produce video or movie too. The problem is I don’t have the tools to make it happen. Video camera is too expensive. Plus, my camera can’t take video.

Today I’m the producer, director, cameraman, and also the editor of my video. Hahaha.

So let’s enjoy this short video clip of “Moonset on the Last Day of 2009”.

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to all the females in the world.

I know i am late 3 hours but still, Happy International Women's Day to all/

I really hope there'll be no more violence against women, no domestic abuse, no slavery, no misuse of women and no bad things against the women.

I also hope that there will be more feminism movements in this country.

say NO to gender discrimination!

men or women all are equal. when i say equel, means equality in treatment. u dun stupid come and tell me women can't be strong as man, standing while peeing, have penis, wear jeans, or have beard.

come la don't be so naive la.

equality means give equal treatment to women. if a man can get a good job, so does a hardworking and smart woman.

don't ever look down on the power and strength and ability and the spirit of women!

Women deserved love, care, attention, respect, understanding, and support like the men TOO.

We need each other to make this world better.

The world will never be a better olace without women.

Just think who does most of the hardworks especially in your life?

Your MOTHER la! And what is her gender?? Of course female la duh!! takkan your mother male meh!! dun tell me your matha is a man la! wat the heck!!


Lastly, this is what i posted in my Facebook, "Happy International Women's Day. Let's be more respectful to them and treat them equally. When you wana do something bad on them, imagine they are like your mum too. becareful later kena ROTAN!"

Ok, my brain is hang! my brain is blank. i duno what i'm talking about. eye lids are gluing to each other. many people are still awake doing their assignments. good luck n rest early.

ok. tq. good nite. bye bye.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

UTAR by the lakeside

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Perak Campus

4.33pm 3/8/2011

Click here for bigger viewing.

QUOTE of the day

If you want a change, then be the change, make the change happen!

it's still raining

waterdrops from my window.

well, it's still raining out there. whole night already.

i didn't go out for dinner because my bike break down last night.

thanks to my senior, Elween who fetched me to uni this afternoon.

hmmm.. it has been some time since my blog is about my daily life. i mean, in 1 post i talk about what happen bla bla bla la.. you know.. tonight i just feel like writing a diary. who cares! if you don't like, you don't read la. If you wana attack my personal life also go ahead la. you got nothing better to do right??

today is the official day i cycle to uni in this semester although it's the second time. the first time was last Friday when i cycled all the way for 20minutes to Eastlake to meet Pei Suang and the rest then cycled for another 10mins to uni.

have to cycle lo, what to do, motor rosak ma. Siang Yong came to my house and we cycled together. we used to cycle to uni a lot last time before i got my bike. the feeling of nostalgic was there. the sky was so blue with the sunny clouds. the guard waved to me, telling me it's good to cycle. hahaha. of course it's good cuz they don't have to face me, who always try to sneek into uni. my bike don't have sticker actually. shhh.. =p

i had a presentation today. i did something different for the presentation la and i know it's not well accepted especially by a friend when she showed her disgruntled face, not looking at us at all throughout the whole presentation. hmmm.. it's ok. at least i and my groupmates dare to do something different. it's actually a simple presentation. we have to interview politicians. so we feel it'll be boring if we just explain and compare the politicians. at the end, we acted out the whole interview session. hahah. this is the very first time i act in my presentation i think. is it?? =p

my classmates especially Dai Ga Jie, Ah Joo, PC, Pei Suang and Ai Loon were so high tonight. they kept on spamming my Facebook wall by tagging me in their video. Oh God! i tell you, in total, it's more than 30 videos lo. siao la! they were so damn high. duno why.. everyone pakat and attack me. hahaa.

Then i posted this is my Facebook status, "oh JR-ians Jan 2009 intake sekalian. spam me la till this December. Wherever you all go, i will follow you, till we say bye bye. YESSSH!! muakS!".

We are going to graduate by the end of this year. I can see many people have developed, i won't use the change la. I can see developments in them. some become better in ENglish especially Ai Loon. i love to see her talk nowadays. And Vivien is not that crazy anymore. While for Mirawani, i'm touched and impressed when she let go her dream of winning a modelling competition for her studies. These are just the very few examples.

Being here in UTAR 3 years more or less has make us grown up. Saying goodbye is a hard thing but i'm sure before we say goodbye, we'll spend a lot of time together. And they already plan to go Genting Highlands in Week 13, Pangkor Island in Week 14, Terengganu in semester break and Sarawak end of this year.

hahaha. habis koyaklah poket i. But aiyah don't berkira so much la. seriously think about this, do you think you'll have the chance to travel with them after you graduate? i'm not trying to be sentimental here but this is the fact. you can have thousandsss of friends in the cyber world, but true friends only a few of them and in university's life, your classmates are your true friends.

cherish them. make use of the time when you are with them. forgive and forget, support each other.

i talk too much. lalalalalalala.

class at 8am tomorrow. oh hope that the rain won't stop so that i can sleep till the afternoon. haha. how to go to uni if it's rain. ayayaya.

one more thing, one last thing before i end my 'speech', my photos may be not good enough to be put into an exhibition, it's ok, because at least i still have my Facebook and blog to share the beauty of my life through the lense.

Monday, 7 March 2011

梁靜茹 (Fish Leong) - 情歌沒有告訴你 I didn't tell you the love song

woohooo! finally i found this video. nice song by Fish Leong.

Anyway today's lecture talk about new media and yang sama waktu dengannya.

some blog is political, some is very personal and some for business.

i know sometimes i write about politics but this blog is not meant for politics solely. it's for me to express myself.

ok. tq. bye. =p

in presentation..

You might be so much better than your friends. You might not like the contents, language proficiency or style of their presentation but out of respect, you should not show your disgruntled face to them. As your friends, aren't you supposed to give them moral support? You are not perfect either. Accept others differences like how you want people to accept you.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

pecah not pancit

Pantun Kampar Sudah Hujan

Hujan lebat akhirnya sudah mali
Gua rempit balik almost mau mati
Semua olang lari masuk lumah sindiri
Go main hujan la if lu bokiasi
Badan basah cepat-cepat pi mandi
Air sejuk buat gua lompat sana-sini
But after pangsai ahhh syiok sekali
Kampar panas gila sejak dari pagi
Tolonglah hujan jangan henti
But dunla sampai esok pagi
If dinner hujan tak henti-henti
UTAR students have to cal delivery
But handphone no money
You don't come and find me
Some people have to eat cokodok basi
Wah hujan make me so hapi
If can, esok hujanlah lagi

worth pondering

Human is such an intelligent but weird and unexplainable creature. Sometimes you know it’s really impossible to achieve something but you still fight for it, believing that you can pull it through, believing in miracles will happen, fearing to fail, and you don’t want to regret for not trying at all. No matter what the results going to be, put away your negative perception because anything can happen. If you didn’t even try to fight for it, you’ll not have the chance at all to win. Never stop fighting and hoping. Like old saying, if u never try, you’ll never know.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

toilet in travelling

i'm very particular about toilet.

yes, very particular.

i'm more particular about it when i go travelling.

i conside rmyself a backpacker (not so hardcore yet lah) and when i go travel, i can really go stingy about my expenditure.

i'm willing to spend on food but not on entertainment or souvenirs or hotel.

for me, the point of backpacking is to experience a lot of different things while you stay out of your comfort zone. Then only you'll feel worth it.

talking about hotel, cheap hotel is the best. i just need the room to sleep not to make love. so what if the motel or hostel is dirty or smell badly?!! i don't mind.

but what irked me the most is the toilet!

the toilet must be clean and comfortable!!

while studying here in UTAR, i have been to two places. One is Cameron Highlands and another one is Perlis.

eeeeeeeee.. i beh tahan with the toilet la. in Cameron Higlands, the water pressure damn low until only few drops of water came out from the pipe and u know what the water is yellowish. besides, after you shit you kenot flush. kanasai!

while in Perlis, things are slightly better la. but the water in teh bucket is so damn dirty n smelly. seriously.

for me, bathing is one of the things that i enjoy the most in life. although i don't prefer to bath when i go for backpacking but if there's a toilet, i'm tempted to clean myself. the toilet must be clean ma..

toilet is one of the best places to stay in the world ok.

like i said before, maybe the government should make a toilet classroom where the classroom contains cubiles or toilets. students will sit on the toilet bowl to study. while they are studying, they can shit too. how nice is that. ahhh..

oh. im too fulled. it's time to pangsai again. wahahah.


to get a job..

"Bring your cert, bring your written work, bring yourself, bring your personality, bring your passion, bring your dedication, bring your purpose, bring your aims, bring your objectives, bring your future......"

~ Edward Chin. UTAR Kampar
~ 5/3/2011








Friday, 4 March 2011

QUOTE of the day

When you are in trouble, you’ll see the true colours of people.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

WAU man!!

WAU!! so hapi 2see this photo in The Star la. NOT bcoz im in there la bt the photo is nice ma n bcoz it's taken by my fren. muahahaha.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyoh man!! so keng la!! in so proud of her. out of boredom, she sent a photo to The STar and it came out in today's paper.

Like that also can. hahahah!

I was the one who realised the photo in the newspaper. The first thing i did when i got the newspaper this morning was to look at the photos at the Thumbnails section.

And OMG! I saw a very familiar photo, and then a very familiar name. It's Cheong Jing Wen!! i screamed for joy and show everyone the photo. hahaha. It was such a happy moment.

SHe took this photo during our trip to Perlis last weekend.

You can also view the photo here

Ok now i can tell my mum i came out in the newspaper.. for no reason. Hahahhaha!

uni's life

Year 1: aiyooo uni life so sucks. i wana graduate fast2 la!

Year 2: oh yes! 2nd yr already, im graduating nx yr. =p

Year 3: =( sad la hv 2leave my frens. i dun wana graduate yet.

so does that rings a bell to you?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

kata-kata hikmat

Kalau minda sihat, badan pun sihat.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1 hour shower



1 hour hot shower in the early morning is so sexy..

hahahaha =p

i feel so syiok just came out from the bathroom.

i went in at 5.30am and came out around 6.30am.

yea i must be crazy i bathed for 1 hour.

i just couldn't resist the syiokness of hot shower. i kept on pouring myself with hot water because it's cold la.

some more, i feel like i didn't bath for so long already, so ganti balik la.

sometimes i'll sleep in the toilet too. hehe.

how? let me give you some tips. you can either sit or squat or lie on the wall.

see how easy is that.


i feel so energetic and refreshing right now.

semangat nak buat banyak manyak benda hari ini!

come on assignments! i'll deal with you today before Jing Wen deal with me.

and now, i wana go to Old Town for a nice roti bakar. UTAR-ians Kampar-ians, this roti bakar shop will soon, very soon in these few weeks be demolished. Go and have a taste of the traditional roti bakar before it's gone.