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Sunday, 19 September 2010


SHIT! I step onto SHIT again. This is so SHITTY!!

i tell u! 2days in a row already! 2 hari berturut-turut. taik bukan sebarang taik. tapi taik lembu!! hitam manis warna coklat berkilat-kilat. saiz macam bulan! rasanya sejuk menggigil. melekit-lekit sticky like glue. bau mcm hmmpph! bau taik lemboo la! berat mcm kepala hotak!

yesterday's shit was soft. today's hard!

memang taik cirit betul ah. entah dah berapa hari lembu tak berak. u see their shit akak cow dung so huge so big. i wonder how long they never shit. can't they like eat lesser ah? one shot eat so much, of course shit so much la. ayooo! they should control their appetite la. care for the nature ma. cannot simply shit la. polluting the air and harming the environment only. 

it's dangerous too u noe. motorist can get into accident cuz wana escape the shit. people walking on the road will accidentally step on it. then have to buy new shoe. ayoooo.

hey you Mr. Lembooo son of Cow, please pay 20cents, go to the public toilet and make ur business. Don't give trouble to the cleaner to clean up yoour shit.



yummy Indian food for lunch

Lunch makan India mia nasi 
Nasi kasi banjir manyak oo kari 
Amma pedas rasa cili padi
Sedap sampai menjilat kaki

I went for lunch today with my roomate at Old Town Food Court. He seldom go that far because it's quite far to cycle there with bike. We was lucky because the Indian rice stall open on Sunday. That's my favourite Indian rice stall in the whole Kampar. I tell you it is really hard to find a genuine Indian rice here in Kampar. The Indian population is not that high. And the Indian people who sell Indian rice not much. Not more than 5 stalls or restaurants as far as i know. IF you are talking about Capati, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and so on, the business is conquered by the Indian Muslim. That's the reason why i brought my roomate there: to enjoy food. Ahhhh yummy la. You guys better go before 1pm if not you only get to eat the bones or lick the curry on the pots. =p

Cheap and nice: RM4 only! Extra rice, 2 types of vegetable, fried chicken, egg and papadom.Maximum satisfaction!

Historic drink: Owh it's historical for me because it's more than a year since i drank Limau Ais. I used to order it a lot when me n my ex when out to hunt for good roadside food. Anyway, the drink is so refreshing. RM1 only. =p

 I met Orson (in Orange shirt), Edmund and Cynthia (she's not in the pic).

 Yes so that's me eating with hand.I miss eating with hand, you know not with fork and spoon. I sure use hand if i eat Indian or Malay food and i use hand at home too. oh next to me is my roomate.

Old and Cool: Aren't you feel happy looking at this kind of smile from old people? As usual, these people always my favourite subject in photography. I met this uncle at the stall. He had his lunch there too. I guess he's not English educated and Tamil is his lingua franca because his Bahasa Malaysia is a bit thick and he was reading a Tamil daily.

Pantun Hujan

Hujan lebat baru berhenti
Guruh kuat wa kecut hati
Tapi cuaca memang syiok sekali
Buat aku mau tidur mati