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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

UTAR by the lakeside

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Perak Campus

4.33pm 3/8/2011

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QUOTE of the day

If you want a change, then be the change, make the change happen!

it's still raining

waterdrops from my window.

well, it's still raining out there. whole night already.

i didn't go out for dinner because my bike break down last night.

thanks to my senior, Elween who fetched me to uni this afternoon.

hmmm.. it has been some time since my blog is about my daily life. i mean, in 1 post i talk about what happen bla bla bla la.. you know.. tonight i just feel like writing a diary. who cares! if you don't like, you don't read la. If you wana attack my personal life also go ahead la. you got nothing better to do right??

today is the official day i cycle to uni in this semester although it's the second time. the first time was last Friday when i cycled all the way for 20minutes to Eastlake to meet Pei Suang and the rest then cycled for another 10mins to uni.

have to cycle lo, what to do, motor rosak ma. Siang Yong came to my house and we cycled together. we used to cycle to uni a lot last time before i got my bike. the feeling of nostalgic was there. the sky was so blue with the sunny clouds. the guard waved to me, telling me it's good to cycle. hahaha. of course it's good cuz they don't have to face me, who always try to sneek into uni. my bike don't have sticker actually. shhh.. =p

i had a presentation today. i did something different for the presentation la and i know it's not well accepted especially by a friend when she showed her disgruntled face, not looking at us at all throughout the whole presentation. hmmm.. it's ok. at least i and my groupmates dare to do something different. it's actually a simple presentation. we have to interview politicians. so we feel it'll be boring if we just explain and compare the politicians. at the end, we acted out the whole interview session. hahah. this is the very first time i act in my presentation i think. is it?? =p

my classmates especially Dai Ga Jie, Ah Joo, PC, Pei Suang and Ai Loon were so high tonight. they kept on spamming my Facebook wall by tagging me in their video. Oh God! i tell you, in total, it's more than 30 videos lo. siao la! they were so damn high. duno why.. everyone pakat and attack me. hahaa.

Then i posted this is my Facebook status, "oh JR-ians Jan 2009 intake sekalian. spam me la till this December. Wherever you all go, i will follow you, till we say bye bye. YESSSH!! muakS!".

We are going to graduate by the end of this year. I can see many people have developed, i won't use the change la. I can see developments in them. some become better in ENglish especially Ai Loon. i love to see her talk nowadays. And Vivien is not that crazy anymore. While for Mirawani, i'm touched and impressed when she let go her dream of winning a modelling competition for her studies. These are just the very few examples.

Being here in UTAR 3 years more or less has make us grown up. Saying goodbye is a hard thing but i'm sure before we say goodbye, we'll spend a lot of time together. And they already plan to go Genting Highlands in Week 13, Pangkor Island in Week 14, Terengganu in semester break and Sarawak end of this year.

hahaha. habis koyaklah poket i. But aiyah don't berkira so much la. seriously think about this, do you think you'll have the chance to travel with them after you graduate? i'm not trying to be sentimental here but this is the fact. you can have thousandsss of friends in the cyber world, but true friends only a few of them and in university's life, your classmates are your true friends.

cherish them. make use of the time when you are with them. forgive and forget, support each other.

i talk too much. lalalalalalala.

class at 8am tomorrow. oh hope that the rain won't stop so that i can sleep till the afternoon. haha. how to go to uni if it's rain. ayayaya.

one more thing, one last thing before i end my 'speech', my photos may be not good enough to be put into an exhibition, it's ok, because at least i still have my Facebook and blog to share the beauty of my life through the lense.