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Friday, 4 September 2009

PERIBAHASA of the day

Carik-carik bulu ayam, lama-lama ayam tak ada bulu jua.

what a 'morning' call

First of all. A big round of applause and a big thank you for my friends for their ‘morning’ call. Thanks for waking me up. Haha!

I was sleeping actually since around 10.30pm after my laptop black off and shut off my itself again. so lazy la wana on9. Furthermore I was so fulled with my buka puasa meal-2plates of nasi putih, telur dadar and kangkung goreng belacan plus limau ais. Wah! Yummy!

Im a person who’ll definitely wake up whenever someone calls me. and if she calls or sms me, i’ll straight away wake up like nobody’s business with my eyes half-closed. Blur-blur and stim-stim and talk to her. I never let her down. =p

So as I was sleeping, someone called me at 12am plus-plus. Dengan blur-blurnya aku tekan ‘answer’. Oh its my classmate, Zhi Wei. Yea she talked to me. but I duno what she’s saying because I was sleeping! I only remembered she said something wana give me money. I said okok. Before she finished her sentences I hang up the fon and I continued my sleep. Haha!

Then after a while, someone called me again at 12.29am. its Ponney! She asked what m I doing. I said im sleeping larh.. anyway she said she’s now at Ghany (a mamak restaurant, a lepak place for Utarians), ask me wana go or not. So I asked her who’s thr. So she said la got Sara, Visha, Crystal etc etc. I said NO! I want to sleep la.. she din force me. so I landed on my bed again.

Damn! After 5mins another call came in! arggghhhh! I looked at my hp. its Zhi Wei again. I was panicked because I tot she’s angry. I answered the fon. Its not her. haha! its my housemate, Liang Yee. He asked to go to the basketball court now because the moon is very nice, there’s a circle aound it. I was like what is so nice about the moon n the circle? I’ve seen it so many times. Haha. anyway I said ok, I’ll go.

I lied down for few mins then I woke up. I on9 for a while then I headed to the basketball court. On the way I saw my hsemates Liang Yee, Wei Keat n Siang Yong cycling home. They said they’ll go to Ghany for supper. So I said I’ll join them later la. I went to the basketball court. Apa pun talak. I look right and left and I see nothing. Aih… so I went to ghany la. suddenly I looked up.

Argghh! I sae the moon! Omg! I tell you! It’s damn nice! I bet u never seen this anywhere in your life b4. I stopped my bike immediately. A group of ppl were shocked look at me, as if I wana rob them. Haha! it was full moon. The sky was so clear and bright. If you notice, usually there’ll be this small circle of clouds around the moon. But tonight! Fulamak! The circle was damn super big! What a breath-taking view I tell u.

My neck was super LENGUH. The moon is on top of us. As usual la, I took pics of it. Due to the gigantic size of the circle, I have to lied down on the ground to get the whole thing in my camera and it just fits in. It’s ok as long as I got the shoots. Haha. that’s what photography is all about. N im crazy about it, I’ll do anything to capture the moments.

So many onlookers were there. they were wondering what the heck la is this guy doing lying on the floor. I heard someone said im sleeping. Wahaha. Then, more and more people came to take pics with their camera phones and they cannot get the whole thing because it is just too big. Some even called their friends to look out from their window.

You know.. it feels so warm and nice that a phenomenon can bring all of us together despite the differences in our background, our lifestyle, the food we eat, the language we speak, our beliefs, our cultures, our religions, our genders

God has brings us together tonight by creating a magnificent spectacular and amazing view.

Somehow I feel proud of myself. Hehe. Yeala ppl noticed me man. They know me man. Haha. I duno them.. =p a girl ask for my email address because she wants the pics I took. So I bagiler. Then a group of cyclists hie to me and I heard they said ‘yea yea he’s the guy from Journalism course la.’

For your information lah, u can witness full moon on the 1st and 15th on the chinese lunar calender. If u can read chinese, then u noe la when is it. If you duno, ask ur chinese frens la. if they also duno, I oso duno la.

Then I went to ghany to meet Ponney, Sara and the geng. My ex-classmate from Penang who’s now studying in Utar, Chuin Pei, called me and tell me about the moon. =p thx. After they left, Zhi Wei and frens r stil not thr. So I tried my luck, I went to another mamak restaurant, Maha Maju and they were thr. We chit chat a while then I went home n reached home at about 2am.

They realli got me up. I felt so energetic and awake. I din noe whether I can sleep back again or not. But by on9-ing, reading news and FB-ing can make someone falls asleep.

Anyway seriously I am touched that they called me. they noe who to look for to get nice shots. Haha. if they don’t call me, I wouldn’t have got the cool pics. it’s just so funny that you all call me at the ‘right’ time. Usually I’ll sleep after 2am. Usually they don’t call me. but this time, when im having my nice sleep, I received so many phone calls. thanks ya. Im happy tonight.

And now im going back to sleep again. im sleepy already. My eyes are shutting. what a night. Haha. I have class at 9am tmr. I’ll wake up at 7.00am. trust me I will. I have many stuffs to settle before I can concentrate on studying for my final exam.

So good night. See you. Luv u. muax. Tata.