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Friday, 11 September 2009

THOUGHT of the day

Today almost comes to an end. Just a few mins away before we step into another new day.

do u rmbr 911? do u rmbr september 11 2001? do u rmbr what happened on that day? do u rmbr how WTC was destroyed? do u rmbr how the ppl died? do u rmbr the countless unrecognised victims? do u rmbr the sadness of their family members? do u rmbr what were u doing at that time?

Let’s have a moment of silence and say some prayer to them, to remind us how people around us are so important to us and how much we meant for them.

I definitely wouldn’t want any of my family members or friends to end up like the victims of 911. I love them. And I haven’t said that to them yet..

Have you??


Fuh.. feel so nicely after I took my bath before I went out for dinner just now. I feel as if I were born again. it’s so refreshing and calm.. RELIEVED.

And now I just came out from the toilet. Ahhhh.. uhhh… yeh… I like it man. Feel like heaven. I just released… er.. poo poo. Bestnyer.. nikmat yg teramat sgt. don’t you enjoy going to toilet?? I love you my JAMBAN! RELIEVED!

Fast For Malaysia

Dear friends,
A few friends met up some days ago and in talking about events that have happened in the country in the past year, came up with this idea: what if on Malaysia Day we all fast for peace for our nation? The idea grew into a plan and now, it has become a nationwide call for action.

"Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia" is our response to this call. Please read below and join us:

Malaysia is a peaceful country and it should remain that way forever. Acts of Violence and inciting hatred must have no place in our public life.

Unfortunately, too many cruelties and injustices have happened since the nation’s last birthday.

It is tempting to slip into despair or become revengeful. Let us turn our anger and sadness into a positive force for change.

This September 16, let us all combine our efforts to present a meaningful gift for Malaysia on her 46th birthday.

Let us be united in one single action. Let us all fast from dawn to dusk for peace in this blessed land. Let the Muslims amongst us fast with a specific prayer for peace for the nation. Let the Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists, followers of other spiritual traditions and atheists amongst us fast in solidarity and the same determination for peace.

Let our common experience of hunger and human weakness humble, strengthen and unite us.

Let us offer a hospitable smile to people we know and especially to those we don’t.

Let us perform one extra act of kindness while fasting on this Malaysia day.

Let us show our love and compassion for each other.

Let Malaysia be a better country on her 46th birthday and every day after.

Let Malaysia be truly happy and peaceful this September 16.

And so we fast.
. . . . . . to make room for peace!

Things you can do and How do you join?:

1. Sign up.
- e-mail your pledge to fast on Sept 16, 2009, to:
or SMS to 016-9707966
or leave a comment at
(If you want, you may include your age and location)
or sign the petition here

2. Forward this e-mail to your circle of friends, family and colleagues. Please try to get your friends and family from outside the Klang Valley to sign up as well

3. Come to the press conference to announce this initiative: Friday, 11am, Sept 11, 2009, at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

4. Break fast (or have the pre-fast meal) together wherever your location is and send pics and caption to:

Here are the standard recommendations which you may modify according to your preferences, medical conditions and other circumstances.

• Get a group of at least three people.

• Have your pre-fast meal together before dawn (e.g. before 5.35am for Muslims*). The meal is preferably vegetarian to be inclusive to all.

• Carry out your daily duties and tasks as usual.

• Smile and do an extra act of kindness to people around you or afar.

• Share your message of peace with every curious person.

• Break your fast together after dusk(e.g. after 7.25 pm for Muslims*). The meal is preferably vegetarian to be inclusive to all.

• Share your experience, feeling and thought in this national fasting exercise with more people, in every possible way.

Plotting goodness with friends,
Sivin Kit
On behalf of
"Fast for the Nation, Peace for the Nation 2009" Core Group

QUOTE of the day

Don't judge a person too fast because u might lose the chance to look at their beauty.


To: makcik-makcik yg jaga tepi kain orang because sendiri tak cukup kain, LISTEN here.

good morning because i just woke up n because it's already pass 12am. listen... im glad some of u noe me, i might not know u. thanks for knowing me. i've been keeping mum on what has happened although im being shoot from every corners. i didn't scold anyone who scolded me either in Facebook, Blogspot, or in the real life. did i? think carefully. no! i didn't smear anyone's name. but today at this moment i guess i have to defend myself.

it's so funny that my life is about cats now. hahah!

since day one i were born, i never hate dogs. i love all pets. i grown up in a kampung with chickens, ducks, peacock, birds, ants, frogs, dogs, cats and even snakes. i enjoy taking pictures of pets, animals and wildlife. i never harm any of them. i never even kill a cockroach, lizard or beetle before except for ants and mosquitoes la. i hate it when i see people treat their pets badly. i hate it when i see stray dogs hunger for food. i hate it when i see cats being bang over by vehicles. i just don't like Dino since that night.

1) he's the cause of the kitten's death

2) he never stops barking everytime u see him

3) he's too aggresive that's y he's always tied up when there are visitors

my article is basically about the experience i have went through seeing a living died in front of me. the whole write up is about what i see and what i hear. is there anyting wrong? try to be in my shoe. try not to think of Meow and Dino. what if you were me being there and you are witnessing a living creature is being killed by another being creature. as a normal human being, how would you fell?

you may now know me well. it's ok. i don't blame you. but for those who know me. they know exactly who is Oh Chin Eng and how he treats animals. his friends would definitely know that he play around with pets including a DOG! a cute and friendly dog. not the one that barks around and attacks people. and yet he never curse the dogs. i guess some of you have this experience-a dog chase after you before you could go to say hi to them. i also bet that you never heard of a cat bites someone and admitted into the hospital right??

have i ever say or do anyting bad to your dogs - Jessica, Ree Nee, Jasslyn, Eng Huat?

remember whatever i said in my blog post is based and in the context of the death of Meow. at one point i hated dogs so much because of Dino. don't take only certain part of my writing and judge me. it's unfair for me. be holistic. don't just merely listen to what people say. talk nicely. tq!

if you have seen or heard me, Oh Chin Eng bullied, tortured, caused harm, or killed any pets, PLEASE FUCK ME UP AND GO TELL THE WHOLE WORLD!

for unknown readers out there. i don't know who r u. what you see sometimes maybe not true. i've published the negatiave comments from anonymous because i believe in transparency. it's their point of view. im not hiding any truth. having bad comments doesnt mean that the others don't support me. some people they prefer to just watch and see.

try to differenciate between domestic animals, wildlife and pest.

don't judge a person too fast because u might lose the chance to look at their beauty.

that's all i could say for now. im going back to sleep. tata.

*donk mine my not so powderful enggrish.