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Friday, 11 September 2009

THOUGHT of the day

Today almost comes to an end. Just a few mins away before we step into another new day.

do u rmbr 911? do u rmbr september 11 2001? do u rmbr what happened on that day? do u rmbr how WTC was destroyed? do u rmbr how the ppl died? do u rmbr the countless unrecognised victims? do u rmbr the sadness of their family members? do u rmbr what were u doing at that time?

Let’s have a moment of silence and say some prayer to them, to remind us how people around us are so important to us and how much we meant for them.

I definitely wouldn’t want any of my family members or friends to end up like the victims of 911. I love them. And I haven’t said that to them yet..

Have you??

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