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Friday, 18 December 2009

JOKE of the day

prepare yourself to laugh gila-gila. make sure u LAUGH!!

Aarrgghhh!! Geramnya!! Eeeeeeee!! Meluat!! Menyampah! Fed up with the people in this house, 1194 Westlake, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.

i was doing my laundry. I put my clothes in the one and only washing machine in my house. i went to the washing machine to get my clothes la. guess what's in there! a bunch of unknown clothes in it with my clean clothes.

arrghhh! Why in the world there’s such an idiot! Belajar tinggi-tinggi kat uni but kepala hotak taruk kat pungkok! how can u put your clothes in when there are someone else’s clothes there?!! who teach you this way to wash ur clothes??!!

Now I have to wash my clothes again! damn u! IDIOT!! BOLOH!!

Last night I became the maid again by cleaning the house and now I have to re-wash my clothes.

I betoi-betoi tak faham macam mana boleh begitu idiotnya you put your dirty clothes in the washing machine with my clean clothes and wash it. Tak faham! I dun understand!! Takkan la blajak sampai buta!

Tolong jangan buat malu la. kalau nk beridiot kat tempat orang, balik n hisap susu la. pi tanya mak macam mana nak cuci baju! Boloh! Kureng hasam! Podakh!! Eeee!

And u know what. I know the person who did this. He stays next to my room. Damn YOU!!

This is stupidly FARNEE! What a joke of the day!!

YOU are quoted

"Life isn't always going to rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, things happen. Things you saw coming since a very long time ago. Eventually, that happened.  People you used to trust once upon a time broke your heart. And then you're left in the dark. So it wasn't long before I decided to switch on the light."

~ Nadia Nicole Halim
~ Curi-ed from her blog post titled: Surreal, 17/12/2009

tonight's agendas

welcome to our meeting tonight.

these are the agendas for the meeting.

1. stay at home because it's raining HEAVILY out there!

2. cook your own dinner. spaghetti?? magee?

3. study Moral for exam tomorrow.

4. write 2 more blog posts.

5. print exam slip.

6. chant before oink oink.

Muallaf in Malaysia

pantun 1malaysia

1 suara 1 impian 1 malaysia
Orang Melayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain pun ada
Hidup aman, stabil, dan makmur sentiasa
Jangan buat kacau, kalau tidak saya belasah
i tau you tengah online now. and i nak you tau yang i nak tau your response, your reply, your feelings. harap penantian ini berbaloi. i hold on to your words. u got the answer that you want. then?? what now..



L to R: Hah Haw Yeen, Tan Teck Joo, Oh Chin Eng, Yeap Wei Hong, Wong Siew King