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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ah Kong and Ah Heng

*same kind of smile but different in number of teeth* 

Have you ever heard that we are just a temporary resident of the earth? Wait is there such saying or it's from my own?

What I'm trying to say is people will eventually get old, get sick and they sick. Some they died due to accident, disaster or poverty. 

This is my paternal grandfather. Paternal grandmother has just passes away few weeks ago. I wonder how many more years my Ah Kong will be around.

I've always wanted to follow both of them back to our root, our home village in China but I didn't. No it wasn't my fault. I wasn't procrastinate.

But I'm still sad that I didn't fight for the chance to join their trip. I missed it twice. Now Ah Kong is alone. I don't think he wants to visit the place he came from anymore, since Ah Ma is not around. 

Malaysia has already became her country so many decades ago. 

I hope and always pray that my grandparents, both from my mother and father side will always be healthy and live long, as long as I'm alive..