My Birthday

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

3 more days to Oct 19th

My 21st birthday is coming soon. 3 more days and I’ll turn 21. Wow! What a journey of life. I’ve grown up to be an adult.

Bad things happened recently. It really pull me down.

I never celebrate my birthday. I never organise birthday party. But thanks to my friends. They celebrate my birthday since I were in secondary school. Thank you my friends.

People mostly Chinese will celebrate their 21st birthday. 21st birthday is like something special. It’s like you are already free. U got the key to freedom. U have become man. Something like that.

As usual, im not gona celebrate my birthday this year. I don’t know how. I don’t feel like too. Hmmm..

When I was younger, I always hope for something from my friends. I feel it’s normal right u wish that people will give you present. Im a human too like you. I have wishes. I have hopes.

Before this seriously honestly I wish I’ll get something from people but now not anymore.

I’ve changed my mind. really. I don’t expect and I don’t wish for anything anymore.

There are only 2things I want.

First one is a letter. It’s not really a letter but a write up or comment or feelings about me. write me something. How you feel about me from day one you know me till today. Just be honest. Write what you think. I’ll accept it whether it’s positive or negative. Don’t write too short la. =p send it to my email. Or post it as a note on Facebook. Or post it on your blog.

I like to know how and what people see in me. I feel it’s a good way to evaluate and improve myself. I would love to read it when I get old one day.

And the second thing is..

~ L O V E ~

Yea I want love. And I need love. Not from a girlfriend. But friends and family. That’s all I need. I need people to understand me, support me.

I know im not some really good guy. I make mistakes.

Please forgive me.

I have too many wishes for my birthday.

I wish she’s safe, healthy, happy and success in her life. I’ll always pray for her.

I wish there’ll be no war please.

I wish there’s be less disaster.

I wish there’ll be no hardcore poverty in this world and everyone is economically equal.

I wish there’s be no diseases and influenzas spreading all over the world.

And I wish my family members are alwaz safe and healthy.

ear pain

Arrghh! Sakit gila my right ear! Damn painful! Suddenly it is pain again after for so long. whole night sakit!

Grrhh! the whole ear till the gegendang/cochlea is painful. It’s just so painful deep inside my ear.
My ear is clean la. I clean it everyday. Hmm.. I can’t even move my jaw. It’ll be more painful. The pain is like a punch on ur stomach.

Please go away PAIN. Kacau la!