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Saturday, 31 July 2010

QUOTE of the day

No health, no wealth.

KL im here

heheh. yes i must admit that KL is fun, a city of exitement and civilization.

im glad im out of Kampar, at least for 2 days.

i don't hate Kampar. im just tired and stress la. Kampar is a small quiet and laid-back town but the students there especially me is go crazy!

life changed after the election.

hahah.. different tak sama dah.

anyway im here in KL for the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit at Nikko Hotel on Saturday and Sunday.

im now in my Aunt's house already at Bandar Tun Razak.

damn sleepy n tired la. 2 begs. heavy ok.

had a nice and exciting trip with Adeline Wok. we took the same bus.

will tell you what happened la huh. haha.

but i tell you something now and u don't tell anyone k. it's a secret. i tell you hor itu Adeline Wok said Petaling Street Night Market closed at night. yea CLOSED at night. wahahha!

okla good night.

Berkhidmat Untuk Negara!

Friday, 30 July 2010

more parkings


SRC just witnessed the 2nd balloting.

Another 186 students will get car park stickers with half price.

check the results from the notice board or portal.

Are you one of them?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

fact of life

I always notice and I always believe that people will only appreciate and love you when you are no longer in this world. But no! We must not let this happens. We must live to the fullest, show people that we are worth to be appreciated, loved and cherished. If not life will be so meaningless.

QUOTE of the day

You hurt the most the people you love the most.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

memori kembali

tetiba nostalgia lama kembali menergah. tak berniat ku untuk mengenang tapi dia datang..

ini untuk ceritera kita yang telah sampai ke penghujungnya.. jika kau kembali lagi.. akan ku tunggu hingga uban jatuh ke bumi. pahit dan manis akan tersemat di hati. ku biarkan mu pergi, agar kau dapat cari bahagia yang akiki.. untuk mu, sayang yang pernah ku cintai..

doa ku sentiasa belayar bersama anda.. hingga suatu ketika nanti, ku tiada lagi di bumi..

good music that makes you wipe your tears..

i changed someone =p

i just reached home. first thing i did was to look at my laptop. i saw Dexter sent me offline message in MSN at 2.45pm.

i was shocked but smiling happily.

this is what he said:

"bro you hebat la i duno why tadi bangun i straight bergerak to hospital visit her d. guess i still care. 2day i know for sure she doesnt need me anymore d i'm out from her life XD. today might also be the last time i c her d since there's no reason to c each o ther again. kam siah again for cuci-ing me."

Im so sick n dying, but u make me alive, a little bit. =p

hehhe.. im happy for you la. at least you visit her, u feel satisfy, no regrets and you know her response. but you know.. what you say you gona do now might now applicable in the future or when you are in the situation. just do what you think is the best lo..

kepada couple couple sedunia, Selamat Bercinta.

i hate being sick

i hate being sick at this time.

i hate being sick when i have many things to do.

i hate being sick when i have assignments to pass up and midterm.

i hate being sick because i have to skip classes.

i hate being sick because i won't be able to do anything.

i hate you FLU and FEVER!

i'll be happy if..

If my friends become someone, if my friends achieve something, then i'll be very happy. I'm glad for their achievments. It is just as simple as that.

That's why i am happy with:

1. Kow Kwan Yee for being the only Malaysian and student from South East Asia to go for Finland for some Journalism Programme.

2. Lee Poicia for getting to DJ workshop, one step closer to her dream. Who knows after this will hire her.

3. Liam Kah Hoe for being selected and sent to South Korea for some UNESCO students exchange programme by his university.

4. Nixon Lai Chia Huey for living his working life already, earning own money in a big company. Sudah besar. =p

Im very happy and proud for you guys. Congratulations.

sometimes, my tears drop looking at where my friends are today. Im not being jealous but i am so happy for them.

Dare to dream and work on your dreams. I sincerely pray that you guys will achieve your dreams. Be safe wherever you are, whatever you do. I'll always pray for your success and safety. God bless you.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

happy burning midnite oil


it's time it's time.

it's a hectic week. everyone is tense. everyone is stress. some people are just not in the mood.


but hey it's ok, im still very positive. when you are positive, you'll think positively although the situation is not that positive.

so what im saying?

it's ok la what people wana say or think.. yea nvm lo.. they will be fine after a while.. but you must play your role properly la. be good. =p

it has been quite some time since i burn midnite oil to do assignments or study for exam.

tonight im doing it again.

3 assignments to submit and 1 mid-term this week.

1. Journalism II mid-term : Wednesday 28/7/2010

2. Communication Technology asgmnt : to submit to Tiff by tonight. almost done.

3. Contemporary Malaysian Politics : Wednesday 28/7/2010

4. Travel Article : Thursday 29/7/2010

fun isn't?

hahaha. and you'll hear people complain this and that. assignments not good. slides not all. all not good bla bla. so make sure u do good good la.

happy burning midnite oil people.


dilemma of an ex-bf

i was and still talking to a good friend from Penang.

he's in dilemma whether to visit her sick ex-gf in the hospital.

simple situation isn't? i scold him. i ask him to go visit her. i persuade him. but he still stick to her decision not to go. he has his own reasons.

and he says..

"she dont need me anymore. she needs her bf, friends and family. not her ex. that's why faizah also dont want you. she surely dont want to c me also. so i better buat bodoh dont do anything. i'm a small peanut in everyone's life."

ouch! but im not offended or hurt la. it just HIT me right on my head. it's so true.

who are you now? what's your role? what's your significant in people's life?

what i can say to my friend is people around you care for you. i definitely care for you. don't be pessismistic. im sad to look at him like this.

i agree with him that we can't trust people 100%. when they don't have partner, they say they will be there to listen to talk bla bla bla. when they are in good terms with you, they say the same things too. but when they have partner already or when they argue with you, things totally changed. you become their enemy. you become unknown to them. you become a stranger. you become nobody to them.

does this sounds familiar to you?? this doesn't only happen to a relationship but also in a friendship.

Me n him are now are single. i call our geng as the Gay geng cuz everytime i go back to Penang, only few of us, the guys who are single. The rest? either studying out of Penang or have their own partners already.

the difference between two of us is he buang her ex-gf but still love her, at that time. but my case is i kena buang by my ex-gf but i still love her, at that time.

i think i would face the same situation like him too if one day my ex is sick. should i visit her or not. what will she feels? what will her bf thinks? what will her family perceives me?

the question now is will you talk, see or contact her since she got bf already? will you? let's just face the situation first then you let me know the answer. another question is, will she respond to you if she got a bf already??

haha.. i know i shouldn't think that much. you visit cuz you care. just visit that person la cuz who knows you might not see her again. just go visit lo cuz you still care, you are still a human, with feelings. don't think too much.

i always think of others all the time. yes all the time. i put others before me. that's me la.. couldn't help it.

some people always tell me to think for myself first before others. i duno, i just can't do that. too cruel i would say. seriously if i can make people happy, then it's my happiness too.

i pray that everyone i love is always good in health la cuz i can't bear the pain in my heart to see any of you not ok.

when you face this dilemma, just think la the pros and cons. don't make it so complicated, cuz everything is just very simple. if your intention is good, just do it and leave the rest to Him.

curfew is over

Good morning!

Self-reflection time is over.

Curfew time is over.

Puasa time is over. Buka puasa at 6pm.

Fasting from handphones and all kind of communications dah over.

I’ve been a way from people and internet. I didn’t online and I silent my hp.

i had enough time to be alone and to think.

Im kind of energetic?

My mind has awaken.. a bit?

I meditate, I took a nap, I bathed slowly and I chant.

I feel so refreshing la. I’ve put everything negative behind and look forward.

I just hope things will be back to normal but in a better way after this.

Ok got to go, have to finish up my assignment to send it to Tiff.

you know.. it's a relief to talk to your advisor who's like your mother. at least someone willing to listen and not judgemental. =p


self-reflection time

ok i declared that today is my SELF-REFLECTION day.

means yes no disturbance.

no phone calls, no sms, no e-mail, no chat, no FB, no internet lah..

I just wana be alone..

I don't wana talk to anyone.

I don't wana see anyone.

I need time for myself after whatsoever things that happened.

Again, it's time to reflect on myself n my life and my surrounding.

Im looking for some peace..

im looking for an answer..

im looking for my soul..

ku cari damai abadi..

mana kau damai, mana kau aman.

refresh, rejuvenate, reborn..


curfew until 8pm.

hehe. tq. tata.

Monday, 26 July 2010

an advice

"Be a motivate leader, rather than a forcible leader."

~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ 6.22pm 26/7/2010
~ via MSN

people : watchdogs

Do work or goyang kaki, do it with heart or just fake it, just to show face or really concern, hardworking or lazy, help people or help themselves, talk only and no action? People can see and evaluate themselves who are the true leaders who really work for them. Remember people are watching, all the time. Do our best and live up to the expectation! Live without regrets. =p

let's chant

Are you sad? are you disappointed? Are you stress? Are you depressed? Are you lonely? Do u feel geram? Do you feel angry? Pek chek? Tu lan? Beh tong? Beh syiok?

It’s ok.. relax.. calm.. chill.. don’t think about it anymore… forget about it. Slowly.. slowly.. leave everything behind.. leave it.. everything will be fine.. think simple.. be simple..

Need someone to talk to?

Forget about that someone.. don’t waste time looking for that someone. That someone might be busy. or that someone might not even exist.

Let’s look for inner peace.

I mean religion..

Let’s chant or say your prayer. Do you know any? If you don’t, listen to some hymns or religious songs.

Chanting will gives you peacefulness, calmness, gentleness and a relaxing time..

This is what I always do when I face all those situations. Human might don’t understand you but He certainly does, much much better than anyone else.

Religion is a good way to help and train us to be a better man.

Be close to religion.

Life will be more meaningful, easier and lighter..

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

where got time see doctor

good morning..

it's time to pack and go back Kampar.

stomach feels better after i wake up.

last nite, KKY told me that we are not young anymore, we are aging, can fall sick easily. if we cure our illness faster, than we focus on our works.


but people like me..

no time, see what doctor la, u tell me.

this is the attitude la.

people always work, work and work, money, money and money, then neglect their health.

when time to die only they regret.


but im not working to get $ now la.. my case is different. assignments, presentations, planning, SRC etc..


not an excuse but serious la.

n okla i personally lazy go see doctor. i just feel lazy la. some more have to wait for the doctor etc.

so i decided to go see doctor this semester break. i'll eat accordingly. i won't simply eat whatever i want and i'll take suppliment.

people please go see doctor if you are sick no matter how busy you are.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

stomach bursts

OUCH! Arrrghhh!

Sakit tak terkata. Aku tak tahan.. betul-betul tak tahan.

Now feel like puking pulak! Peningnya..

This is so damn irritating and disturbing. Im mentally challenged. I have to always tell myself that oh it’s not painful but it is actually so so much painful!

This entire week is so serious. maximum pain everyday and diarrhea everyday! Whatever I eat, I released.

I’ve tahan for so long. So so long. So many years.

The pain is so unbearable that I tear in my heart.

I hate it man! I hate it! Im sick of it! My friends are sick of it hearing me say I have stomachache! It’s so common already.

Sometimes I feel that’s the reason why im skinny! Whatever I eat, I shit! Yeala! I noe u oso shit but my case is different. I don’t only shit but something is so wrong with my stomach.

I don’t wana tell anyone about the pain cuz I dun want them to be worried or to feel annoyed. But the pain is just too much that I can’t keep it all by myself. nah, I don’t really tell my family..

See doctor, doctor say same thing, give same medicine. Eat already also the same la ok! grrhh! I can’t wait for semester break la. I wana stay in the hospital. Just x-ray me, operate me or whatsoever lah.

People if some day you don’t hear me saying I have stomach ache, means im in the hospital d lah… n if im in hosp, I dun tink I’ll tell my frens lo. Why must tell ah.. buat susah orang je. ish. Bukannya dah bagitau kalau aku boleh sembuh!

If I have to die cuz of stomach tumor, if I have some disease in my stomach, or if my digestion system is not ok, please give me some clue, please make me really painful till cannot do anything then I’ll call the ambulans to send me to the hospital.

Ambulans mali..


As a leader, everything you do will always be a BIG issue.


My favourite baby in Kampar. Problems all go away everytime you see him. so chubby. =p

Saturday, 24 July 2010

♥ penang ♥

after 4 hours journey, i reached Penang around 5pm. then another 30 minutes ferry ride to reach the Island.

and now i am home, finally although it's so late already.



it always tastes n feels so good to be home but ONE thing i hate.

seriously no time, rush here n there, do this n that, packed n BUSY.

busy busy busy.

it's not just a word but it's a fact.

not that im so bad in time management but too many things to do and too little time.

so everything also rush la, and hectic lo..


ok goin out again for a gathering.

QUOTE of the day

People see, hear, feel, judge, analyse, condemn, praise and follow whatever you say, think, and do especially when you are a LEADER.

Friday, 23 July 2010

work out : sexy



i am sexy. uhhh..


just came back from gym n work out session.

syiok man!

gym n work out session : sexy!

sweat sweat. heavy heavy. tired tired.

nowadays i go work out once a week.

n u KNOW what? trust me! i can feel some muscles on my chest! yeala! serious.

hahahah. laugh wat laugh??

ok im going to take Protein+Milk now. ehhehe.

muscles without flesh n meat is are useless. i need to gain weight la. aih.. anyone can make me gain weight? come tolong sikit la. i take pics for u FREE.


*OMG! Crazy Tiffany just sms me ask me go jogging later in the midnight. GILA! but wa suka! wahahaha! ok SET! no prob! =p

kata-kata hikmat



stop stop stop

stop stop stop

stop stop stop

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Always On My Mind - Michael Buble

To people out there, who came across my life, especially those who left a mark, painted my life and shaped me into who i am today, I LOVE YOU. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter what you said, you’ll always on my mind. muax muax. =p

Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said & done
I just never took the time

But you were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Maybe I didn't hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine
If I made you feel second best
Girl, I'm sorry I was blind

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your
Sweet love hasn't died
Give me, give me one more chance
To keep you satisfied

Little things I should have said & done
I just never took the time

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

thanks for the ride

I feel so blessed, grateful, thankful n happy because an unknown lecturer from UTAR Kampar just fetched me home when he saw me walking tirelessly on the road. He stopped his car and ask me to hop in. Throughout the journey home, I chat with him. I told him my bike got clamped etc. I kept on thanking him. Im so impressed by its kindness until I forgot to ask for his name.
God pls bless this good samaritan. His car plate number is AEU 7176. if anyone of you know him, pls say tq to him again. tq.
Thanks again Sir. TQ.
*exhausted. What a long day. time to sleep, forget the bad things, work on good things. =p

UTAR Kampar SRC First 'Monthly Public Dialogue Session'

Kampar UTARians, SRC will be holding its first ever public dialogue session with the students on Thursday 22/7/2010 at 4-5pm, B102.

Please come to interact with your student representatives. Take this opportunity to express your voice, exchange ideas, to know what's our plan and what we have done and to give us feedback. Please spread the news.

We'll try our best to answer your doubts.


Please spread the news.

Confirm your attendance at!/event.php?eid=139613242734151&ref=ts

with humble TQ from UTAR Kampar SRC.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Waaa! 8.30pm d ah? So late d!! I just reached home 5minutes ago. Class finished at 7.30pm then rushed to pasar malam.

I have a very long thing-to-do-list for tonight!


This is the highest level of busy I would say. Gila-gila busy man!


every second is filled with something. Every action is faster than usual. My conversation also faster and shorter. Haha. this Is really crazy la. rush here n there.

so what to do tonight?

1. Shit

2. Bath

3. Eat

4. Save Bash Party pictures for Goto Emi

5. Boil water

6. Return coat to Kwai Peck

7. Spread the news about UTAR Kampar SRC First ‘Monthly Public Dialogue Session’ tomorrow

8. Prepare a press statement on SRC dialogue session

9. Create an event page on FB on SRC dialogue session

10. Prepare slides for 11am presentation tomorrow

11. Do a short report on presentation to be submitted tomorrow.

12. Complete the SRC dialogue session’s proposal for DSA

13. Agendas and posters for SRC dialogue session

Arrghh! Stress loh. So many things to do. How to finish. But eh syiok also la. let’s sleep at 3am. Yea let’s hope I can sleep at 3am.

Dah la tak nak cakap banyak! =p


my name..

My name is OH CHIN ENG.

OH CHIN ENG is my name.

hehee ok.

see you.

tata. =p

QUOTE of the day

"When your conscious is clear, you did nothing wrong. You let people say what they want to say."

~ UTAR President
~ Ir. Prof. Dato Dr. Chuah Hean Teik
~ during his speech on the SRC Hand Over Ceremony 2010
~ 20/7/2010, Petaling Jaya

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

health is important

ansSpent whole day out of Kampar. Reached university around 8.30pm. raining so heavily in PJ, from 6pm until now in Kampar.

I got diarrhea again. yea yea yea. What’s new right?? =p  lausai pangsai lausai pangsai. eh this time is different ok. cuz continuosly 4days already n today so severe. the pain is seriously UNIMAGINABLE. went to the toilet 3 times early morning. I felt dizzy n puking as well. same-same but different lah.

the journey back to Kampar was so suffering. i almost black out. Thanks Navin for your strong massage n minyak angin. at least i felt better.
I slept at 5.30am and woke up at 7am. Why so late only tidur? One of the reasons is my damn stomach! other reasons?? my body was shivering. heart was beating like drumroll. chest felt so packed. so hard to breath...
Grhhhh! Have been like this for YEARS man.

Poicia always tell me that.

Yea.. I noe la.. without health, nothing will go smooth.

but u noe.. im lazy la.. it’s like.. cincai la.. I just do whatever I do. Sometimes when im sick, I just let it be. I always have this perception that it will cure by itself.

But if I lausai, I sure take medicine. =p

Many friends ask me go to check up. aiyah no time la.. really ma. Need to queue up etc.

But ok im determined to see doctor, do a thorough check up this semester break. If got something in my stomach pun stomach la. cannot die 1 la.. nevermind oso la.

I feel so tired tonight for being sick! Im so sick of it.

Im tired.. need to sleep la. the rain is just nice. Weather is superb.

Good night. tata.

Monday, 19 July 2010

PANTUN of the day

Makan sedap happy go lucky
Itu petai wow so sexy
Bila kentut mmm wangi
Kenyang perut suka hati
Yummy yummy menjilat jari
Lepas itu beraklah lagi
Syiok sekali
Everyone come n join me.

busy n sexy

back in Kampar.

reached at 2pm.

class at 2pm.

got my bike from senior's house at Eastlake n rushed to university with my HUGE begpack knowing that i don't have bike sticker n the guards will stop me.

Thank God.

the guard is so considerate because im having midterm.

midterm started at 4.30pm.

rushed like H*LL coz SRC meeting with other campuses at 5pm.

midterm was fine. ehehehe. can do. syiok. but duno can scored anot lah.

POKAI. Paid RM13 to Amirah, RM30 to Tiffany and i still owe Kwan Yee. arrghh! y money finished so fast 1??!!

5.30pm SRC meeting to elect University SRC. Never expect anything but since 2 weeks ago aiming for Chairman, got Secretary. It's ok. it's a blessing tq. =p

going to PJ tomorrow for SRC Hand Over Ceremony.

Will have chance to talk to the President. i need to talk to him so badly la.. i have to perform my duty and responsibilities to the students ma..


hmmm thought of sleeping cuz damn tired la. travelling whole day, then mid-term then meeting. reached home around 7.30pm and i haven't taken my dinner and shower yet.

aih forget about it la.. so many things to do how to sleep wor.

it's a PICTURES night.

a lot of pictures to kautim and to submit.

1) pictures of Bash Party 2010
2) pictures of Business Week
3) pictures of Travel Article assignment
4) pictures of problems in UTAR to present to Mr. President tomorrow.

sure headache looking at all these pictures.

Need to submit proposal for the Dialogue Session with students this Thurs. Besides, have to prepare and compile a list of problems, solutions and suggestions for UTAR Kampar for Mr. President tomorrow.

walaueh. tmr whole day not in Kampar. Wed n Thurs got presentation. Thurs have to submit report.

GILA liao la.

people go do assignment. =p

SRC Chairman no exception. if fail, FAIL la.


i love being busy n i feel so sexy. =p

Imagine - Glee Soundtrack

Down for a night without a clear reason. Maybe there's a reason behind it but im just being denial. I hope it's not because of her.. But.. Yea it's because of her.. Sometimes i don't want to be back in Penang because there are too much of memories here. Everywhere i go, there must be something we did before there. And many people know us. These people will ask where is she, how is she etc.

Imagine.. if i don't have the capability to remember the past.. then we won't have to be sad if it's a bad memory..

im glad i finally found this song. Watched the video on TV today but i didn't know the title. It's so touching la.. if all of us can come together, there will be no war. There will be only LOVE..

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Sunday, 18 July 2010


"I find it hard to let go the past.. Somehow life becomes so much quieter without your voice. It’s more than a year already when you went away. I teared but it’s not gona change anything. Sometimes, I feel your heart beats in me.. It was a beautiful love story.

i miss you.."

Saturday, 17 July 2010

QUOTE of the day

Sometimes the most precious gift in the world is just a simple smile.

im home..

im back in Penang again for the second time this semester..


it feels so nice..

i feel like im having a long holidays. =p

i never had such a relaxing trip back to hometwon. usually i'll be very rush, tired and stress because have to carry a lot of things, rushing for the ferry etc.

but this time i came back with 12 seniors. they are here for their class trip. so balik with them lo..

we reached last night. then i brought them go makan.

Kwan Yee, Suzanne n Pei-Jing came to my house.

hahaha. my parents were like so shocked suddenly got visitors n 3 girls pulak tu.

okla got to go..

im back cuz have things to settle and do.

will be very busy n packed in Penang seriously.

how i wish i can just sleep and do nothing in Penang besides than watching TV.

Friday, 16 July 2010

QUOTE of the day

Give and take, forgive and forget, think simple then things will be much better.

ass-ah-see useless ah

Those who say and feel ‘ass-ah-see’ is useless n eat shit. This is what I have to say.

“Sometimes it’s easy to say than to be done. When you wana shoot someone, please think twice n watch your words. If you say someone is useless, look at yourself how useful you are to your alma mater, family and nation? You can’t simply say something bad and retract it. Many people love to blame others without putting their own efforts to make a change. At least I step out and make a stand n I give the very best I have. It’s the trust that the people give me.”

Those who have faith in us, support us, encourage and motivate us and be with us to solve the problems, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s good to have both side of views you know. This is a democratic country ma. I accept both sides. But I only accept constructive criticisms. I don’t buy any criticism from anyone who only wait for people to do things for them without they playing their roles.

Maybe we should really calm down, be rational and use our brain properly.

If wana make noise, be smart. I don’t simply go make noise without knowing the facts. I don’t simply go riot or protest before using all the proper channels I have. I don’t simply kowtow and bow down just because you ask me to do so.

This is Oh Chin Eng la.. if you know me well, then you’ll know who I am, what I’ve done and what im going to do.

I, am your representative. I listen to everyone. I find the best way for all. Problems can’t be solve in a second. Good solution needs good planning.

God bless everyone.

Thanks you.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

busy burning midnight oil



Ok now im pek chek. Cuz im packed the whole day. My presentation was postponed this morning. in the late afternoon, I have to rushed to uni to greet n socialize with a group of Taiwan students. Then me, Nathan n Poicia did a survey at Eastlake regarding the RM80 parking fee. Then went here n there, meet this n that department, everything has to do with SRC 1 la.. 7.30pm oni reached home. Zz..

So yea I didn’t enter 2 classes today cuz of the bee n the Taiwan students.

So yea im busy..

Cuz im rushing for assignment la. cuz i have transfer pics from camera to laptop n it takes so long! cuz I have to korek pics, send n send n send again to Tiffany Oon to apply for a job. Cuz I have to send nice pics to J-On for news. Cuz I need to reply to messages from students. Cuz I need to pack my begs as im going back to Penang tomorrow.

n i lagi pekcheck cuz someone is urging me to send her pictures of an event take took place last week by tonight!
Eee geram!! I don’t even have time to eat yet ok. haven’t taken my breakfast, lunch n dinner. I don’t have time for my assignments too. N I have to alter, edit n send you pictures meh. NO WAY lo. I have
tonnes of my own pics also no time to alter n edit. So.. hehe.. wait la ya. Sabar. will send on Saturday lah.

nola im not angry la. im not scolding u noe.. =p

Hmm.. things always suddenly pop up. so whatever you already planned will kelam kabut.

I must also say sorry to Cheryl la for 'keeping' her pendrive with me. haha. never see her in uni ma. when i c her, i lupa bawa pendrive..

My head is gona crack anytime soon. I can foresee what’s gona happen in this coming 3 weeks. PACKED! FLOODED with deadlines. BIG HEAD trying to settle some issues in uni. Haha.

Ok im gona follow Tiffany Oon Min-I’s footstep but a bit different. I’ll study every night before I sleep for at least 30 minutes. Very long right? Tq.

Shit! My leg has swollen! Right leg bigger than the left one. Now only  remember I haven’t take my medicine today. Yeala cuz I din eat anything yet ma. Whole day not at home.. okla gona go makan now, makan ubat, mandi den do assignmentsss. 2 to pass up, 1 is done. =p

mali sama sama minum kopi to stay awake.
Selamat mengisi minyak. Majulah sukan untuk Negara. Kurangkan kontroversi tingkatkan prestasi.

confirmed petrol price to go up

Woah! Petrol price hike again ah!

Fuiyoo.. very good leh. Yea ‘very good’. I don’t sound sarcastic enough ah? Good for the businessman la. they sure will increase the price of their products. They will say oh petrol price increase, so we also have to increase lo.

Not only petrol price ok. sugar price also will increase. Then everyone will fight for sugar. Then demand shoots up. Sugar price will become more expensive when demand is high n supplies are low.

Always hike hike hike. Naik baik baik. BN = barang naik kot.

I can assure you tomorrow you hear some news from the opposition. They sure gona oppose it.

but aiyah 5 cents only la.. yea not 50 cents. so if some of you feel it's acceptable, sit at home n enjoy your movies la.

Ok Kampar n UTAR people. You are cordially invited to flood all the petrol stations here. Please GO!! go n refill go n pump your tank FULL FULL!

If got BIG bottles bring along la to refill. =p


kissed by a BEE (part 1)

ok this is just to inform that i am fine..

just came back from the hospital.

the pain is terrible n unimaginable!

got an injection from Kampar Hospital. eating burger den medicine.

haven't tell my family, not gona tell. snall matter only kua, dun wana trouble them. but if it's serious, u ppl help me to tell dem ye. =p

body temperature suddenly shoot up. feeling so damn dizzy right now. gona black out anytime soon!

i forgot my way home just now..

what im worrying now is whether i can wake up tomorrow for presentation anot.

i duno..

i am so so weak right now seriously. hands are shivering.

my right leg where the bee stung is so numb. it has swollen. my left hand where the nurse inject me is so strengthless. i walk like Drunken Master.

im sorry if i cant make it for the presentation.

thanks for the concern friend. i love u. yes i do. tq.

gnite. bye.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

oh nervous oh

tomorrow presentation.

i think for the very first time i feel nervous..



Scary! Spooky! Crazy!

Only 3 words can described a nightmare that I experience just before I opened my eyes this morning.

It may sound strange but that was what actually happened.

I never experienced any spooky dreams for quite some years, as far as I remember.

I went to bed around 3pm.

I was so tired so I thought I can sleep straight away.

But then it went another way round.

I closed my eyes. Then the dream started.

a note for u Vivien Chang

Vivien Chang Wei Lin, I must tell u this. Sometimes life requires a touch of insanity n u give us that for more than a year d. it’s good to have you around, with ur hysteria laughters, taktau malu actions n whatsoever crazy stuffs u did la. u brighten up my day, add some spices in my life. Yea sometimes im so angry at you. Sometimes i am so pissed, i felt like wana strangle u. But i still love u la.. =p U definitely make our university life here more interesting. For that I thank you. thx for driving us crazy. =p

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

assignment time

woohooo! i never felt so semangat before to do assignment!

i duno, i feel so semangat now.

maybe KKY's aura still here.


n maybe i got freak out with Tiffany, Amirah, Rachael n Saravani already.

or maybe i wana do it for myself, to get better results. =p

last night i finished 1 assignment d - Photostory Assignment. the due date is actually this Friday.

n now im having discussion n to prepare for my presentation this Thursday morning.

Ee Theng n Sara are here.

we gona burn midnite oil until we finish our slides. we must finish it by tonite la cuz tmr is so packed, classes from 8am - 7.3-pm. crazy!

Contemporary Malaysian Politics' assignment is not easy ok, it's about politics, independence, communism etc etc yang sama waktu dengannya la.

my house so laujuak. every floor got people do assignments. ground floor occupied by my floormate n friends, then middle floor occupied by housemate n friends.


don't FB FB. go face the real books.
beshnyer.. huhuhu. but jom mandi dulu. =p

QUOTE of the day

Making decision is choosing the best out of the best choices that you have.

oink oink

Ok time to sleep. I’ve achieved what I wanted to do d. I didn’t waste time n that is a good thing. Tq KKY!

My bed is so neat now.

My clothes are arranged nicely in the wardrobe.

I ironed my clothes.

my little kitchen is clean too. No more dirty plates.

N most importantly I finished 1 assignment.

It feels so nice to accomplish a task, even if it’s a small one.

Accomplishment is a big satisfaction. =p
Ok time to oink oink. Had 2 tablets of Panadol but so pondan, no effect at all. Aih.. ok gnite. Will cycle wif Sara to 8am class tmr. Hehe. Tata.  

Monday, 12 July 2010

sick time

im sick..

yes again.


not surpirising rite..

my classmates don't find it as a shocking news also cuz i always sick.

for them, it's a common news. no news value.

Pei Suang said it's uncommon if im not sick.


but so long i never sick d u noe.. many people i know have fell asick.

Officially now it's my turn.

i hate FLU!!

the cilaka flies pulak attack again tonight. ish! OIK CILAKA U DUN BITE ME LA! i smack u ah! go away i tell u. busy here u noe.. kakaciauciau. grrrhhh...

QUOTE of the day

"Works can always be done, as long as we can arrange time well and adjust our behaviour to positive one."

~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ 11/7/2010
~ via FB


Semangat betul!!

I feel just awake from my long sleep.


I must thank my senior, KKY.

She said something which is so…


Demotivating but motivating??

Ok what am I saying.

She said she heard with her own ears my groupmates complaint about my slowness n inefficiency.


Yea I admit I always do things last minute, im slow, I procrastinate, I forgot etc la.

Okok im changing changing improving!

im not that bad d la hor.. =p

Im not angry at my friends or her.

But crazily im so SEMANGAT now!

What she told me actually boost up my spirit!

Thank you!


Ok im going to mandi, makan den do assignment ok? =p


good news of the day

WOW! Omg! My Political Philosophy lecturer, Mr. Santhi aka Mr. S just called me. He called me at 10.40pm. I was so shocked when I heard his voice in the phone.

How in the world he got my phone number?

He told me that classes will be cancelled and midterm at 2pm will be postponed to next week. He also asked me to spread the news.

Yea I knew it already.

My alarm rang at 10.29am. I wanted to study for the midterm at 2pm ma. I blur blur woke up n walked to my laptop. In less than 10 seconds, Sara text me about the news.


Cuz I haven’t finish studying. Hehee.

Hmmm.. I wonder Mr. Santhi missed her van because of Spain ah.

Okok I must not sleep. Got assignments to do, presentation to prepare. By the way im not sleepy also lah.

So Political Philosophy students, next week class as usual ok n midterm is next week . tq.

fuyooo SPAIN!

haha i just reached home.

it's raining out there.

and World Cup has finally ended.

some still having fever.

yea cuz Kampar weather so crazy!


I just witnessed the best game ever in my entire life.

Spain emerged as the World Cup champion defeating Holland at the very last minute 1-0.

extra time 30mins ok.

and Spain finally scored 2 mins before the game ended.

Kamparians flooded the whole Mamaks. Every single Mamak Restaurant in New Town was fulled!


Spain gol.

i kena boo bcuz of my camera flash.

but the photo worth thousand words.

now they now me, the guy with the camera, standing on the bike.


i'll blog more about it after this.

now time to study for midterm later.

gud morn.


my World Cup prediction


you guys have been listening to the Paul The Octopus too much.

n now we have the Mani The Parakeet aka Green Bird.


how can we let these two creatures to rule us n predict our future!!



Let me tell you wat Paul The Octopus and Mani The Parakeet cannot predict.

I, The OCE..

yes The Oce..

Predict that the entire world will freeze for the World Cup Final tonite for at least 1.5hours.

u wana know whether i can predict 4D number anot?

Yes i GUARANTEE you'll get 4 Ds in ur exam if u dun study.


Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A cup B cup C cup

read this article about a girl talking about her boobs. i like it.

some guys prefer big boobs. they feel turn-on. but hmmm.. okla i dun wana say anything about boobs because I DON'T HAVE ONE!

BIG cups nice ah?? SMALL cups also syiok wat!

SMALL cups nice ah?? BIG cups also syiok wat!

aih.. some guys always 1 the best from the girls. y dun u think ur 'brother' BIG enough n STRONG enough a not?!!


small cup big cup also it's still a cup la.

what matter the most is, is the person your cup of tea.

oo haha i have a 'poem' to show u. =p

What cup?
A cup
B cup
C cup
Small cup
Big cup
U ppl just 1 big cup
Small cup not a cup ah
Ada breast ada cup la
I long time never eat Magee Cup
Go watch World Cup la
Or Thomas Cup
Dun cupsiao here
I don’t even have a CUP!

hehehehe. okla tata it's study time.

Sugar Sugar - The Archies

USH! i finally found this song. sugar sugar. =p

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girls
And you got me wanting you

I just can't believe the lovliness of loving you,
(I just can't believe it's true)
I just can't believe the one to love this feeling to
(I just can't believe it's true)

Sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you
honey, ah sugar sugar
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you

When i kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss could be
(I know how sweet a kiss could be)
Like the summer sunshine pour you sweetness over me
(Pour your sweetness over me)

Pour a little sugar on it honey
Pour a little sugar on it Baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
pour a little sugar on it yeah
pour a little sugar on it honey
pour a little sugar on it baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
pour a little sugar on it honey

Ah sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you
Oh honey honey, sugar sugar..............
You are my candy girl

quotable quotes

Making decision is choosing the best out of the best choices that you have.

i nak petik bunga

saya rasa nak memetik bunga yang ayu itu di taman u la. jangan simpan lama-lama, nanti layu. tak manis nanti.

u ada bunga tu tak??


wa olang nasi

i taktau la kat hangpa ni..

tapi i ni mesti makan nasi.

kalo satu hari tak makan nasi, rasa macam nak mampoi!

mana boleh tak makan nasi.

nasi tu penting.

makan nasi baru boleh tumbuh.

tumbuh daging, tumbuh tulang, tumbuh bulu, tumbuh kulit, tumbuh gigi..


apa-apa je la.

anyway u noe..

ala nak cakap olang puteh pulak.

pendek kata.

i ni mesti makan nasi.

sekorang korangnya sekali sehari.

kalo pagi tak makan, malam kita mesti makan.

tak makan nasi kalau memang tak sah ah.

satu badan rasa tak syiok.

i cannot live without rice la.

ini gua mia culture ah.

wa syiok ah.

i kan Olang Penang.

Makanlah Nasi Demi Pembangunan Negara!


i wonder...

i always wonder can the belly button suddenly open and the intestine pops out.

i've been thinking of that since i was small.


salute you Octopus

Germany just won the 3rd placing in this year's World Cup. Uruguay lose 2-3.

So, predictions from Paul the Octopus so far ACCURATE.

conclusion is..

nx time nonit go c shaman, fortune teller, or krsytal ball d la.

anything u wana noe go c Mr. Octopus la.

wana get gf, c him. wana noe can pass exam anot, c him. wana noe when u die oso c him la..

whatever is good or bad, just ask him and you'll get your answer.



marvellous rain

Saturday, 10 July 2010

YOU are quoted

"Don't let someone become your everything because when they're gone, you have nothing."

~ Chealene Tan
~ 10/7/2010
~ via FB

NEVER direct a photographer what to do

You can suggest but you can never direct a photographer what kind of pictures to take. This is a disgrace, unethical and disrespectful act for them. wahahah!

For your information, photographer is like a script writer, narrator and director for an image.

They know what they are doing and what message they wana convey.

Thank you. hahahahah.

quotable quote

A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.

~ Plato

QUOTE of the day

"Sometimes people go anywhere to look for love, they dont know that love is everywhere."

~ Chia Liang
~ 9/7/2010

my pic in The Star

This is the print screen of The Star website.

This is the original photo.

Good Morning!

I just had a good KICK START of the day.

i just woke up and the first thing i did was to checked out Thumbnails in The Star website.

hohoho my picture is there!

BIG smile on my face. =p

i can sense the picture is gona come out today. betul la. sixth sense la bratha.

im so happy now. this is the first time in this semester Thumbnails accept my photo. The last my photo appeared in Thumbnails was back in 15/3/2010. It's like 4months ago..

oh by the way i forgot everything bad that happened yesterday. forgive and forget. i always make mistakes also what. so fair and square la. no one is perfect. and like my friend said, all this does not matter anymore after 6months. so why care so much....

i have so many things to do. and im gona make myself BUSY today. after i've done what i wanted to do then i only i tell la ye. later tell d tak jadi tak best la. hehe.

today is gona be a good day.

Friday, 9 July 2010

mixed emotions..

Sleep early la olang olang.

Rasa sakit di hati tak terkata-kata
Sakitnya tak terperi
Pedih bagai dihiris nipis dengan pisau belati
Kemudian direnjis air limau muda
Perit rasanya bila maksud di hati disalaherti
Lagi sedu terkenang orang di sana
Benci rasanya sengketa dengan sahabat baik
Hendak saja dihentak kepala ke bata
Bercelaru fikiran
Bergelora jiwa ku
Nafas ku perlahan
Dadaku sesak
Sepinya malam ini..

Apa lagi nak merepek ni??

I have mixed feelings n emotions right now. Should i feel bad? Should i feel angry? Should i feel pissed? Should i feel happy? Should i feel down?

Sometimes you just wish to be feelingless and emotionless.

Sometimes u did something that u never wana do.

Sometimes he more you talk, the more mistakes you make.

Sometimes ppl misunderstood you.

Sometimes your tone can make your message being misinterpreted.  

Sometimes you hope time can be rewind.

Aih.. what im trying to say. I dun even know what im saying.

I need to talk, but not to friends la.. aih..

Nvm la. I’ll talk in my dream. =p

Im kinds speechles. So i better shut up n b quiet. I dun wana hurt anyone. I dun wana say wrong things.

Hati tak ok.. KO.

Good night la people. Tido la sebelum anda ditidurkan..

Lepas bangun, semua akan ok. =p