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Monday, 26 July 2010

let's chant

Are you sad? are you disappointed? Are you stress? Are you depressed? Are you lonely? Do u feel geram? Do you feel angry? Pek chek? Tu lan? Beh tong? Beh syiok?

It’s ok.. relax.. calm.. chill.. don’t think about it anymore… forget about it. Slowly.. slowly.. leave everything behind.. leave it.. everything will be fine.. think simple.. be simple..

Need someone to talk to?

Forget about that someone.. don’t waste time looking for that someone. That someone might be busy. or that someone might not even exist.

Let’s look for inner peace.

I mean religion..

Let’s chant or say your prayer. Do you know any? If you don’t, listen to some hymns or religious songs.

Chanting will gives you peacefulness, calmness, gentleness and a relaxing time..

This is what I always do when I face all those situations. Human might don’t understand you but He certainly does, much much better than anyone else.

Religion is a good way to help and train us to be a better man.

Be close to religion.

Life will be more meaningful, easier and lighter..

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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