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Monday, 26 July 2010

where got time see doctor

good morning..

it's time to pack and go back Kampar.

stomach feels better after i wake up.

last nite, KKY told me that we are not young anymore, we are aging, can fall sick easily. if we cure our illness faster, than we focus on our works.


but people like me..

no time, see what doctor la, u tell me.

this is the attitude la.

people always work, work and work, money, money and money, then neglect their health.

when time to die only they regret.


but im not working to get $ now la.. my case is different. assignments, presentations, planning, SRC etc..


not an excuse but serious la.

n okla i personally lazy go see doctor. i just feel lazy la. some more have to wait for the doctor etc.

so i decided to go see doctor this semester break. i'll eat accordingly. i won't simply eat whatever i want and i'll take suppliment.

people please go see doctor if you are sick no matter how busy you are.

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