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Sunday, 24 January 2010

old people #24

14/1/2010 7.22pm Fettes Park, Penang

This non-camera shy old lady is actually waiting for the Ponggal prayer at a kuil here. She's so cute, so small sized and she eats sirih. Her whole mouth is fulled with that orange reddish thingy.

YOu are quoted

"Everybody is somebody's fool."

~ Christina Chin

*somehow it's true.

a sleepless nap

7.30pm. my hp alarm just rang. Im awake. But I woke up 10minutes before that.

I went to ‘sleep’ at 6pm. eventually I’ve been just lying on my bed, realising what’s going on at my surrounding while my mind is still actively thinking and recalling.

What a sleep because I didn’t sleep at all!

How to sleep well when your heart is not calm like the rough sea?

Im sleepy and my eyes are tired and it feels so heavy, as if it’s gona drop out from the skull.

I need to talk to someone. I need to pray. Yea im gona do that later. I’ll go to see Kuan Yin then Murugan. I need to talk to them…so badly.

tears pouring like the rain

Year 2 Semester 1 Week 1

Thank God this semester I'm taking 5 subjects only instead of 6 subjects in the previous semester.

And I don't have class again in this semester. wheee! can go back to hometown if i want after class on Friday and come back here again on Monday evening. =p

So my class is from Tuesday to Friday only lo. Everyday the class starts from as early as 8am until 6.30pm. I have up to 4classes on one day. The most free day is Wednesday and Friday where i only have 2 classes on that day.

Week 1 of this semester is good. Really good. I like all the lecturers. Some of them taught me before so no problem la. Some subjects are too boring especially the one that has to do with business and IT. zzz.. Overall, i like the subjects im taking la. Some of the teaching i already know before this when i was working for USM under Janet Pillai. I think i can cope and do better than last semesters. I need to pull up my CGPA la.

These are the subjects that im taking:

1. UAPO1023 Introduction to International Relations
2. UAPO 1033 Introduction to Comparative Politics
3. UAMG 2004 Communication Research Methods
4. UAMG 2014 Communication Theories
5. UAMJ 2024 Business and Electronic Commerce


QUOTE of the day

When you got a calling from the God to do something religious, you must do it no matter what challenges you face.