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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

you don't trust me at all

I think this is the very first time i blog about you.

I seldom blog nowadays but now i know what im gona write about in this post.

i know u are angry, u are sad because i went to other table to talk to my friends when i was having dinner with you.

i am sorry if i make u feel neglected or alone. I never meant to make u feel that way.

I apologised and explained.. I'll try not to be away for so long next time.

But you said..

"Do you think i will trust you again?"

er.. ok.. this is so hurtful.

Now i know..

You don't trust me at all.. 

Well, what can i say?

as far as i concern,i fulfilled my words.

I never cheat on you.

no matter how hurt or disappointed i was, i never say such words to you.

I still trust you even you break your promise.

You always say NO whenever i ask something from you. I'm ok with that. You always put other people as your priority. i also ok with that.

It's too hard for me to swallow your words. It's like burning charcoal flaming in my stomach.

I am a busy man. I have a lot of commitments and responsibilities. I have to always communicate and socialize with people. I have meetings to attend. I have to settle other people's problems. I am active, always go here and there, do this and that.

If you don't trust me..


QUOTE of the day

Don't force people to do things that they are not willing to do.