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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Public bus and kiasu parents

My blog has been so super quiet for some time. Seriously I have lesser time to sit and write on my thoughts here. It can be tiring to write again after work, as researching, interviewing and writing are the things I do everyday. Since it’s an off day, let’s fill something in my blog. =p

It’s a lovely sight to see school kids converging the public bus stops again. If you are not aware, the schools have re-opened today. The public busses are packed with the students who either go to schools or to go back home. School busses are back on the streets too. 

I was one of them who used public transport to school. I remember waking up 6.30am the latest, then walked along the quiet long street just next to the graveyard to the nearest bus stop. Hahaha. Those were the days. 

My thought about this is these kids are independent. They do not have to count on their parents to send or pick them up from schools. Or maybe their parents do not have the time to do so. Most of these kids (if not all) are from the middle and lower income families. These type of families where got so much time to do the sending and picking up job? Time is spent with work to make ends meet. And these are not the kiasu parents I would say. Are the more than average families over protective? Or are they have no confidence in their kids and the public transport? Or is it because you know, they are scared to let their kids out on the street?  Scared their kids will be sweating over to the hot weather, got kidnapped or robbed, dirtied and so on? These kiasu kiasi parents are the main cause of the traffic congestion in the morning, afternoon and evening. Hey parents, education and social awareness start from you. And please don’t farking block the entire road just to send or fetch your price/princess. You cannot die if you park your car somewhere or park your car nicely in front of the school. Damn it! 

Perhaps this is a way to show their love to their kids, by sending and picking them up from the schools. Hmmm...

My sister enters secondary school today. It’s her first day in Form One and first time wearing the sky blue pinafore. She’s studying in Penang Chinese Girls' High School (PCGHS). As a brother and as someone who has endured hardship and challenges, I just want the best for her. She’s grown up so much. She starts to rebel and fight back. But I’m happy that she knows about what’s going on with the country. I hope one day she can render her service to the nation.