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Sunday, 12 September 2010

studying style changed

i just wana say time has changed.

people have changed.

i have changed.

studying style also changed.

kalau dulu masa secondary school, i prefer study sorang-sorang dalam bilik bertemankan radio.

tapi kini..

i can't study alone at home la..

i think la..


sometimes i need to be alone. to be with my own thoughts.

sometimes i need to be with people, if not, i'll be lazy to study.

so freak out of exam now. 2days from now..

takpela takpela. bye.

what Malay rights??!

i read this article and i feel so geram at the father and the son. grrrhhh!


i seriously don't see how and why the non-Malays wana take away the Malays rights. this is so ridiculous. can any of my Malay friends tell us what rights that has been raped away from you?? what is the Malay rights? do you realised that as the Bumiputera you got so many privileges under affirmative actions. then?? can all of us stop politicking and attacking each other ah??

EAT SHIT LA U (to those racists)!!

terima kasih!

QUOTE of the day

When you work hard, you get something. When you don't work at all, you get nothing.

weird weird dream

ish ish ish..

how in the world in can be a boxer. you know those like Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson. yea i used to dream to be in the ring and smack someone's ass. haha.

anyway i woke up at 8am++ but i slept again. lazy to wake up. then jeng jeng jeng. the story begins. it's a long one with so many unrelated parts but i'll just cut it shirt to the most interesting parts la ye.

in my dream, im a boxer. so i joined a boxing competition. ahem.. fine.. while waiting for my turn, i walked to somewhere else la. got a group of Malays woth kompang playing Chinese lion dance beats. wow. fine fine. then suddenly im having a meeting with a first aid organisation i used to join. huh?? in the middle of my tournament??

i walked away from the meeting. i went to the ring. i checked my name. eh y my name is not there!! then the organiser said he has to cancel my name. he's afraid that i might break my bones. zzzzz...

Lesson from the story: dont sleep in the afternoon. if u wake up in the morning, don't sleep again.

kalau tak, mimpi gila-gila jadi nya. merepek.

PERIBAHASA of the day

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian habuk pun tak dapat.