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Saturday, 18 December 2010

It's me, OCE!

it has been so looooong since i post my photo.


Photo taken after the last paper of the year, completing my Year 2 Trimester 3 today. woah! go crazy go gila!

thanks Dai Ga Jie for the pic. nice! i like it! ada skill oo u. =p

I'm cleaning my room and packing for my trip to Kuantan tomorrow morning. can't wait go makan angin kentut angin minyak angin naik angin dan segala angin in the world.

well.. im still a bit depressed of the exam today. but aiyah forget about it la.

to my coursemates who are going back to hometown, please be safe ya. take care of your health. we shall meet again next year.

see 2010 is a good year, has been a good year.

Now, let's countdown to 2011 with better attitudes, greater achievements and stronger body.


camera coma again..


not again.. 

Congratulations! my camera broke down a day b4 my trip. how m i goin 2Kuantan tmr?! NOOOOO.. 

Sayang, u noe i love u rite? janganlah merajuk. later we go cbrate New Year countdown n c fireworks la..

this is the second time already. make it the last time ok??

faster recover and tomorrow we go travel. nak tak??

exam over, happy holiday

Finally exam is over. damn hard n sien lo. Public Administration easiest paper konon.. gone case d la. 

aiyah dun care la! better go pangsai, chase buffaloes, take pics, eat, ronda, sleep and holidays!! wohohoo!

anyway happy holidays to all my friends. enjoy to the max, be safe and INGATLAH ORANG YANG TERSAYANG.

i wana go out and snap snap Kampar Old Town before it is gone next year. tata.