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Saturday, 18 December 2010

exam over, happy holiday

Finally exam is over. damn hard n sien lo. Public Administration easiest paper konon.. gone case d la. 

aiyah dun care la! better go pangsai, chase buffaloes, take pics, eat, ronda, sleep and holidays!! wohohoo!

anyway happy holidays to all my friends. enjoy to the max, be safe and INGATLAH ORANG YANG TERSAYANG.

i wana go out and snap snap Kampar Old Town before it is gone next year. tata.


  1. hey, happy holiday by the way. enjoy ur holiday as much as u can :)
    by the way, i wonder what the word 'pangsai' means??hehehe :P
    really want to know...

  2. halooooooooo! heheh eexam dah habis! lalalalalala! let's go for holidays. =p

    u wana noe wat is pangsai?? ayoo.. nonono. kenot tell kenot tell.