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Thursday, 16 September 2010

preserved mangosteen

There is something funny i would like to share.

Suddenly, out of no where, i thought of it.

3 years ago, someone important, ok you can call it as special, gave me a mangosteen aka manggis.

I tak sampai hati eat it because it's from her.

I still keep it and i'm keeping it until today.

It has now become an artifact.

It's now a piece of history that i can preserved.

It is still in good shape though.


Yea maybe i'm weird.

There are few times where good friends gaive me something consumable. Again i tak sampai hati, i want to keep it as a gift. At the end, the food spoiled. When it stinks, i have to throw it away.

It's not that don't appreciate what people give me. The fact is, for me, their gifts are so valuable that i appreciate it so much and i don't have the heart to eat it.

You see, i enjoy food to the max. I hunt for food. I live for food. I have big appetite. I am indeed a big eater. But the thing is the food is no more there after you consume it. 

The value of the gift is not on the gift itself but who is the person who give it to you.

I'm a guy who's sensitive, sentimental, collective and perhaps romantic.

I love history and old stuffs.

I am not that boring la huh?? =p

Happy Malaysia Day, Selamat Hari Malaysia

it’s a big day today. It’s Malaysia Day. Happy Malaysia Day to all my brothers and sisters from Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. I wish to see that we’ll develop as one nation and not two or three. Be proud and appreciate the uniqueness that we have.

Pantun Hari Ini 16/9/2010

Makan banyak suka hati, 

Lepas itu ronda sana sini,

Masa untuk baca tak henti-henti, 

Cuaca cantik tapi panas sekali

lectures and reflections

ooo halo..

im awake the whole night. 

just look up the sky, it's a whole carpet of stars, look at how they shine your life. 

it's a night with lectures and reflections. 

not to mention advices and motivations. 

u only get it from the people who meant a lot to u. 

Thanks to LPS, KKY and YTH.

It's an eye-opening.

It's a sincere and honest expose.

It is hurt but it's the truth.

It is tough and hard to slow.


i feel really calm and satisfied. i feel fresh too.

i can feel it's gona be a good day.

it's gona be a good week.

it's gona be a good year.

and im gona be good too.

what a wonderful night!

oh good morning.