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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Don't Know Why - Norah Jones

QUOTE of the day

You may have a good beginning but a bad ending.

what are you afraid of?

so what do you fear in your life?

what are you afraid of?


no money?







for me, that's nothing. i'm not saying that i'm brave and scare of nothing but for me my fear is beyond that.

yes sometimes i do fear for the things i mentioned above but i can overcome that.

but there is something that i find it so hard to take it.

what am i actually afraid of?

one thing and the most important thing i fear the most is when i hurt the one i truly love.

from good friends, to grilfriend, to family, to lecturers and someone that i respected and used to helped me a lot before.

that's my fear.

im sad when they are sad. i don't know what to do when i let them down.

i feel so helpless when they are down, when they turn me away, when they keep quiet and don't wana talk to me and i feel so alien to them.

I don't want to lost any of them. Im scared of losing people i love. I even cried to found dead cats, what's more a living human.

ANyone of you who used to be close to me, i don't wana lose you.

Yes, i screwed up. I made mistakes. i ruined things. I didn't perform well.

But i still wana keep this relationship, this friendship and this love.

For all the bad things i've done, i bow and i'm sorry.

No matter what happens, I, will always and always love you.

I really do..

EVen if i don't talk to you, that does not means i don't think of you.

I love you. Not the past, but now..

So people..

What are you afraid of?