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Sunday, 14 March 2010

KL Breakaway

Hehehe. I actually went to KL yesterday n I just reached home at 8pm just now. that’s why my blos was so quiet. =p

It was a fantastic trip. So much things happened and im feeling good. I know I have tonnes of things regarding studies that I have to do, but I feel much relaxed now. 2 days in KL just swept off all my stress and tension away. It’s a crazy, nice, sweet, memorable, enjoyable and adventurous weekend. This happened because of 3 persons: Felicita, Kwan Yee and Mei Shan. Tq guys.

Anyway as usual, everytime I come back to Kampar, I’ll clean up my level n room. Oh, I should say it’s a must. MUST! After I bathed, I did laundry. the whole washing machine is fulled. A lot of clothes to wash. Then I cleaned my level n my room.

Im kinda pissed off! Yes I am I think. Because a lot of plastic begs with rubbish on the sinky. And the floor is damn dirty! Damn messy la. so I swept the floor lo. Then I boiled water. The rest of the roomates, the noisy one are playing games, shouting here and there, curse this mother that mother, chao hai u chao hai me, vulgar words are in the air. aih..

N now I have to go out for discussion. It’s time to get to work and I haven’t ate the Nasi Goreng Kampung that I tapau just now. my room is still dark. My house owner promised to fix the lights but no one has come to fix it yet.  Im exhausted but I can still feel the joy and happiness in me. =p