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Monday, 5 April 2010

sleeping annoying


taht's the work that best bestcribe how i feel now.

as im typing this, my both eyes are sticking to each other as if im some blinf guy.

i am SLEEPY ok.

i slept at 8.30pm but i duno y i woke up at 9.30pm. fine. i slept again! but now suddenly i woke up again.

WHY!! i supposed to be very tired what! tulan nia! i wana sleep till tmr la.

i am damn tired. grrhhh.

so now what? go back to sleep? or online n eat? ish sleep la!

i don't wana simply wake up again for nothing!! let me sleep peacefully...

i am in the mag

hahaha. finally i saw my picture in the magazine. i have been waiting for that since my senior, who's doing her internship in the publishing house asked for the picture 2 months ago. wah.. what a long wait man. I went to look for it in a book store and i curi-curi take photos of it. hehe. paiseh nia see my own funny picture in the magazine. =p

This is the cover of the magazine. It's basically in Mandarin. The Malay name for it is Bulanan Pelajar.

Tarang! Can see me right? haha. big right? If im not mistaken, this write up is about the ways of camwhore.

Ok i know how to read 'chin eng'. The rest? i duno. can someone tell me??

hmmm... It’s so dark outside. The darkness suddenly bring the feeling of loneliness and sorrow to this room. Hungry leh.. but cannot tahan d la. nvm I’ll sleep la...maybe until tomorrow morning. I'l listen to my sleeping soothing music. tonight is the night to really rest and recharghe my body and soul. good night. tata.

QUOTE of the day

Laughter is the best medicine of all.

i passed my Monday


what a good Monday.

i passed my Monday with flying colours!

yesh! ush! arrrshh! yeh hahh! hu lalalal. hihi hahaha...

everyone taking Introduction to Comparative Politics just reached home from university after a whole day persentation eventhough we don't have class today. ok im not gona talk more on the presentation in this post.

anyway the presentation was good. =p yes it is. everyone did well. haha.

the sky is so bright. as if some miracles gona happen.

Bye bye hectic n stressfull Monday.

i finished 2 reports and 1 presentation.

PUAS! Maximum SATISFACTION when ur efforts paid off and when the results are positive.

JR-ians its time to tido!

i need to go pangsai so badly. kenot tahan la. I tahan da whoel day d. Then tidur mati. woohooo. its raining again!

mali mali power

power power i need power.

im taking a 1 minute break from the race against time to finish up my 2 reports and 1 presentation later.

grrhhh.. when can i finish it?

i have been doing it the whole night d.

a bit of here and there. need to compile this and that. points everywhere.

brain jam.

luckily keep me company. but a lot of sad songs leh.


im geeting sleepy..

no no no. i MUST not sleep.

im NOT gona sleep tonight.

after tomorrow, we'll be free!

by the way, the nescafe is not working at all!!


it's time for drugs!

i mean CAFFEINE.