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Monday, 5 April 2010

i passed my Monday


what a good Monday.

i passed my Monday with flying colours!

yesh! ush! arrrshh! yeh hahh! hu lalalal. hihi hahaha...

everyone taking Introduction to Comparative Politics just reached home from university after a whole day persentation eventhough we don't have class today. ok im not gona talk more on the presentation in this post.

anyway the presentation was good. =p yes it is. everyone did well. haha.

the sky is so bright. as if some miracles gona happen.

Bye bye hectic n stressfull Monday.

i finished 2 reports and 1 presentation.

PUAS! Maximum SATISFACTION when ur efforts paid off and when the results are positive.

JR-ians its time to tido!

i need to go pangsai so badly. kenot tahan la. I tahan da whoel day d. Then tidur mati. woohooo. its raining again!

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