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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Happy Wesak Day

It’s Wesak Day again today.

I don’t know why but every year, when Wesak Day is here, I will feel certain kind of calmness and peace.

It’s the spiritual feeling that hard to describe.

I’m glad I’m off today May 5 on Wesak Day. Coincidently today marks my second month of working in the media.

So what’s the plan today? As usual I wake up late. Then I’ll go to temples to pray, get free vegetarian good and Dhamma books.

I think I’ll go to a few temples to take pictures as well since I haven’t send my camera for repair yet.

The finale of Wesak will be the grand procession tonight from the Malaysian Buddhist Association at Burma Road.

I’ve never missed the procession ever since I started watching it as a kid then volunteered as a first aider during secondary school.

Not to forget, the prayers I will be making for my grandparents, parents, siblings, girlfriend, friends, Malaysia and the world.

Anyway, I hope with this Wesak Day, everyone will be blessed and the country will be peaceful again. No more violence anymore. We may not have wars with other countries or terrorists, but we have conflicts between its people and the government. May the evils are back to the track and be good again.

Happy Wesak Day.

*There will be traffic jams everywhere. So plan your route. Penangites stay at home if you don't wana be pissed. Or you can always use bike like me. Save time and cheaper. hahaha.*

I, am angry too!

Of all peaceful rallies, peaceful protests, peaceful assemblies and gatherings I’ve attended, I always keep in mind that I might be thrown into the police truck and I must not fear of it as I know what I believe in. It crossed my mind to be arrested one day, just because the government doesn’t like people who have a different point of view than them. Close friends even have a thought that one day I will sure be locked up and enjoy ‘nasi kari’ behind the cells. Although sometimes I chicken out, but until this moment, I still open up my heart and mind for the possibility  to feel the moment of being arrested wrongfully for the cause I’m fighting for. In Malaysia, everything is possible. Because we simply can.

Malaysia Boleh!

The black can be white and the white can be black.

Yang putih boleh dihitamkan, yang hitam boleh diputihkan.

Today nothing saddened me the most than knowing a friend of mine, a junior of mine got arrested in the recent Bersih 3.0 rally.

WHY! She did nothing wrong. She’s a lady. She was harmless. She was weaponless. She was helping those injured.  She’s a Malaysian.

You, who are reading this, before you start condemning and criticizing, what have you done to make your surrounding better for the people?

I know the taste, smell and sound of tear gas and water cannon being shot. I felt it.

I was lucky to escaped from the bashing of Bersih 3.0.

I am so angry for the unfairness and violence the government has done to its people.

I am angry that good people being victimized but the bad guys are on the loose.

I am angry a friend got arrested before I do.

I am angry for treated like a foreigner in my own country.

I am angry because the government has failed us.

I love this country too..

As I believe, there is still hope. There's still better tomorrow. 

bila bapak tamak

Alkisah bapa yang bertangan berkaki dan bekerja memaksa anaknya yang bergaji rendah memberinya wang bulanan tinggi menggunung. Oh malu tidak tahu dieja agaknya.

ya ia satu kewajipan anak memberi wang bulanan kepada mak bapak sebagai datu bentuk kasih sayang dan untuk membalas budi. 

tapi bukan sampai tahap bapak memaksa anknya memberi lebih wang daripada kemampuannya.

bila bapak tamak..

hodohlah ceritanya.