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Monday, 7 February 2011

what a BIG mess.

Oh no no no..

i guess i just create a BIG mess for myself.

i sendiri cari pasal.

i wrote an opinion piece earlier this morning and i send it to "The Letter of The Editor."

It got published in several news portals.

guess what.

90% of the readers left a bad comments critisizing, scolding and downgrading me.

hahahaha. what's the big deal la.

why must scold me..

i'm just expressing myself nia ma.

wrong meh.

i feel the title is wrong la.

i know la my ENglish sucks and i made many errors. English was not my first language ma. I didn't ask anyone to edit before i publish it.

Some may not agree with my opinions in the article but my point is simple. If the festive season comes earlier than usual, then the authority can consider to give the PTPTN loan earlier lo. I believe each and every one of us use the loan not only for tuition fees right?

for those who are not agree with my points, you can scold me but why scold my parents? are you matured enough by bringing down and condemning other people's parents?

hmmm.. alrite im not here to argue.

My tone is that article might have created some unhappiness kua..

but sorry la i love being sarcastic and cynical. =p
by the way, i'm not the only here not getting the loan yet. Thousands of students are facing the same problem too.

i get the blame for voicing it out ah.

if anyone who dare to stand up and voice it out, i will be the first one to support him/her.

but nvm.

i'll just listen la.

i seriously love their critical thinking. i love healthy debate. i don't deny their opinions. they are right in certain ways. i like it when there are response from them. this means that they care for the issues around them.

anyhow, they are entitled the rights for expression ma.

i sincerely thanks them for their honest opinions.

for those who know me, they know i'm not the person like what the readers commented on the article.

i don't have bad intention in posting the opinion piece lah..

i feel a bit offended and uneasy by their comments but i am ok la. ehehe.

whoever support or against my opinion, i accept it with an open heart.

Late PTPTN, not so good CNY

First of all, I hope the beloved Prime Minister who has been graciously sending us Chinese New Year’s greeting through SMS and e-mail will seriously look into this matter.

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