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Sunday, 22 July 2012

QUOTE of the day

Say bye to past glories, say hie to new victories! Look for new experiences instead of just hanging on to your old i-did-that-before.

missing her

3.30am and im still awake.

Just watched 'The Pursuit of Happyness' n im so touched and inspired by it.

Being alone at this hour is making my mind to go wild while having a flashback to the past.

And i don't plan to cut off the memory calling as i miss the good old times.

I miss her..

N in a minute, i managed to list down what-she-did-to-me list when we studied in Kampar. 

Urut me
Help clean room
Alwaz advise mandi, jaga health
gud to parents
Calm even wen im angry with her
Do asgmnt together
Watch movies together
Go to pasar malam every wed
Ronda xplroe here n thr
We’ll walk under the sky having star gazing
She alwaz talk n I seldom listen
Take really good care of me when Im so sick 

I miss hugging her. Have a nice sleep dear. Thanks for being there and accept me for who I am. =p