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Friday, 26 March 2010

2days in KL

I went down to Kl on the 13 & 14 Mac 2010 to check out TARA 4 Audition with Feli. Then i met up with Kwan Yee and Mei Shan, went to makan, took a lot of photos, interviwed a nun and i took teh train home for the first time in my life.

It's Alan Wu, the host for TARA, Feli, my TARA partner and me.

Photo taken in Wongkok Restaurant.

From Left to Right:
Kow Kwan Yee: a penyabar senior who taught me a lot about Journalism, Oh Chin Eng: you-put-the-description-yourself, Mei Shan: the girl who tumpang us in her house and bring us around KL.

Well, it was a worthy, enjoyable and exciting trip to KL although it's just 2days. At least i got to know my friends better and released tension.

YOU are quoted

"Aiyah inilah dunia journalism.. Semua mau cepat."

~ Nigel Aw
~ 25/3/2010 10.23am