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Monday, 8 March 2010

joy of kissing

Everyone should read this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 2 thumbs up!

This is super cool. Everything in this blog is awesome. I like especially this article. The article is making me wanting for a badly!! Grrrhhh!

Selamat Hari Wanita Antarabangsa

Happy International Women's Day

the peak is now

Wah damn hot la. it’s hot outside, it’s hot inside. Kampar is hot.

I just reached home. Had 2 replacement class. Then midterm for Comparative Politics. Then I went to Tesco. Hehe. I bought a lot of stuffs mainly food la and washing powder. I spend around RM50.

This semester im so POKAI seriously.

Feeling so sleepy but no im not gona sleep. I need super magic to split myself into many ChinEngsss la.. This week n next week will be super busy, the busiest week so far. It’s gona be the most hectic, packed, stressful and crazy weeks. It’s the PEAK!

I just got to know that I have presentation next week. This means I have 1 presentation this week, 2 presentations and 1 midterm next week. The subjects are not easy subjects ok.

So how can I sleep? No not gona have a nap. Oh God. no… but yes! Sleepless nights are gona begin. My sleep time will be reduce again. my nigth time will become day time and vice versa. New mission for these 2weeks. Less FB and MSN, ok to blog n Twitter. Yes I can do it! Hehe.

So What’s gona happen today?

Shit, bathe.
Do laundry.
Buy dinner.
Go to the bank to pay rental.
Sweep the floor.
Transfer pictures into my laptop.
Send photo to a friend.
Re-arrange my notes.
Presentation’s discussion at Tiffany's house.

I’ve been travelling every weekends non-stop since Chinese New Year break. This week im going down to KL. Next week going up to Penang. Fuh..

Okla got to go. I need to do my things-to-do now. hmmm.. it’s easy to say but hard to do I know. I’ll do what I said! tonight will be another night without lights. Haih…

Moon on Chap Goh Meh

This photo was taken on Chap Goh Meh which is the 15th day or the last day of Chinese New Year 2010 at Poh Hock Seah, Twa Pek Kong Temple Penang. It was full moon on that night. Don’t mind about the angle la ye. I know it’s a bit out of shape.


Jike diberi betis, jangan lagi diminta paha. Kalau ini je rezeki u, ini je la. Jangan nak minta lebih. Jangan nak angan lebih. Setiap perkara yang berlaku ada sebabnya dan ada hikmahnya. Ketepikan yang buruk. Celikkan mata lihatlah pada yang jernih. Apabila satu pintu ditutup, ada banyak lagi pintu yang luas terbuka. Janganlah asyik mara ke depan sehingga kau lupakan perkara-perkara kecil yang lain. Usah menyesal atas apa yang kamu tak dapat tapi bersyukur dan bergembiralah atas apa usaha kamu dan saat-saat proses itu berlaku. Manfaat dan hargai peluang yang ada. Tuhan akan tolong jika hati kita ikhlas.


*i thought of this when im thinking about the opportunity i got to act in the tv drama only on last Friday n Saturday but not Sunday because i'll be late for my Monday 10am class if i take the earliest 9am bus on that day. it's ok. only i will understand what im saying. wahahah.

it's time to study

yea. the time is now. now la. tak dengar ke? tak faham bahasa? nak aku cakap bahasa tamil? macamla kau faham.


i have midterm tomorrow. wheee. im so excited. but i haven't study yet!! wat the................!!!!!!!!!

i just came back from a reunion steamboat dinner. oowh! it was great. i'll post the pics next time.

my room is so dark right now cuz the 2 lights r not working!!

im so semangat to study tonight. a bit sleepy. nvm, i'll finish the four chapters for COmparative Politics before i sleep. i have class at 10pm till 2pm and the test is at 2pm.


i must thank Miss Chiok for postponing the exam because i was sick and then i went back to Penang to act in the drama. so i must at least know how to answer some of the questions. eh, it's better then i duno anything kan.

okla BLAJA! betul ni. aku nk blaja! tak tipu! kalau aku tipu... aku taktau jawab la. aper lagi.

good night n bye bye.