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Monday, 8 March 2010

it's time to study

yea. the time is now. now la. tak dengar ke? tak faham bahasa? nak aku cakap bahasa tamil? macamla kau faham.


i have midterm tomorrow. wheee. im so excited. but i haven't study yet!! wat the................!!!!!!!!!

i just came back from a reunion steamboat dinner. oowh! it was great. i'll post the pics next time.

my room is so dark right now cuz the 2 lights r not working!!

im so semangat to study tonight. a bit sleepy. nvm, i'll finish the four chapters for COmparative Politics before i sleep. i have class at 10pm till 2pm and the test is at 2pm.


i must thank Miss Chiok for postponing the exam because i was sick and then i went back to Penang to act in the drama. so i must at least know how to answer some of the questions. eh, it's better then i duno anything kan.

okla BLAJA! betul ni. aku nk blaja! tak tipu! kalau aku tipu... aku taktau jawab la. aper lagi.

good night n bye bye.

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