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Sunday, 7 March 2010

muntah puke loya vomit

Location: Kampar.

I just bathed. But before that I finally puked. I shitted. Berak la..

I felt so dizzy in the bus, black out for few seconds. I almost puked but I hold on. I closed my eyes and I prayed hard. Oxygen was like so hard to reach my lung. I felt like I was having asthma.

This is the first time I felt this when im on the bus. Luckily I didn’t asked the driver to stop. luckily I didn’t asked for plastic beg from the girl sitting next to me although my heart asked me to do so.

Im feeling much better now. im going for steamboat tonight at my friend’s house. Haha.

Oh, last week my ceiling bocor. Today my roommate said the light is not working. This means my room is gona be dark, both lights are not working. Damn!

On the other hand, my roomate’s girlfriend is coming over to have dinner with him. Hahaa. Chomelnya. Im gona blog about this later. =p

Okok got to go. my friends are waiting. N im hungry.

Must eat fast. Chat fast. Take pictures fast. Then go pay my house rental and study for midterm tomorrow.


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