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Sunday, 7 March 2010

chasing after the bus

As im writing this post at 2.07pm, I’m on the bus back to Kampar. Something bad almost happened a few minutes ago. Im here gasping for air, almost suffocated.

My bus is at 2pm but I reached the bus at 2.04pm. I was late.

Something funny and unexpected happened. Let’s try to imagine one of the scenes in the movies what people do when they are late for bus. Some will cry. Some will run and chase after the bus. Some will call for a cab and try to catch the bus. And some will wait for the next bus.

Let me tell you my version and what happened. I was supposed to get out from my house at 1pm but I didn’t. I was busy packing and I left my place at 1.20pm. I knew im gona be late. The ferry will departs around 1.35pm. my mum was rushing, riding fast. I reached the terminal at 1.31pm. at that time, I saw a lot of people walking out from the ferry.

I said goodbye to my mum and ran like horse to the ferry. Luck is not on my side. I was just few seconds away when the ferry’s gate closed. Haih.. I was so pissed at myself. this situation has happened for few times. It happened the week before when I came back to Penang. It also happened last year and I had to spent more money to get the ticket for another bus.

So I waited ‘patiently’ at the waiting area by walking here and there, looking far for the ferry to arrive. I looked at my handphone. The digital clock was showing 1.40pm. the ferry was still so far away.

Seriously only God can help me at that time. I was really hoping for a miracle. The journey from Penang to Butterworth takes at least, the fastest is 15minutes. Then another 2minutes for the gate to open and run to the bus.

My mind went wild and over-creative. I was thinking, what should I do if I missed the bus. I planned to get a taxi and chase after the bus. Seriously. if I really missed the bus, that’s the only way I can do. I’ll bargain and I’ll only pay Rm5 to the taxi driver. When I see the bus, I’ll wave at the bus driver, stop the taxi in front of the bus or honk the bus to stop it. I really dun waste my $ to get another bus ticket. The ticket bought by my mum.

After few minutes the ferry arrived and left Penang at 1.50pm. oh God. im seriously super late. How I wished I could just fly there with a wing. I kept on looking at my handphone. The time passed so fast and the ferry was so slow.

Finally the ferry reached at 2.03pm. again, I ran as if im running for a marathon but with 2begs and a camera hanging on my neck. Everyone was looking wondering am I running away from the policemen. While reaching the bus stop, I can see my bus from far.

I prayed hard in my heart asking the bus not to go. I reached the station at 2.04pm The bus reversed to start its journey when I was few metres away from it. I knocked on the door but the driver didn’t seemed to bother. So I stood in front of the bus waved and waved. Finally he opened the door for me.

Fuh.. im glad I managed to get onto the bus. The bus was kind of full. Everyone was looking at me. haha. I cincai sit on the single seat. Suddenly another aunty stopped the bus. She was late too. Haha.

Transasional is the most punctual most I’ve ever took. Sometimes if you are late even for few seconds, you are gone. It’s a good thing actually especially for people like me.

Oh shit! I got to go. suddenly feel like throwing out so badly. Im gona black out. Bye.

~ 2.35pm.

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