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Saturday, 12 September 2009

the last naming ceremony in Kampung Buah Pala

Im glad to inform u people that there will be a traditional naming ceremony for a new baby – a 6th generation – at Kampung Buah Pala at 7pm tonite, Saturday. NOW LA!

The ceremony is the last at the 200 year old Indian village before it is demolished next week. All are welcome to this meaningful event.

For those in Penang, go la n have a look. Saturday night what, should be free. All the freelance photographers also go la. Then I can get the nice pics from u. =p

Go la if you are free. U might not have the chance to see this ceremony again… either in Kampung Buah Pala or any other places.

im not going. i can't because im now in Kampar, Perak. final exam on Monday.

help to spread the news. tq

Anyway sorry for the late announcement.

i'm a curry puff seller

good morning!

i just woke up la. noe wat. i had this weird dream. funny too. in my dream, i became a curry puff seller. what the heck?

the story began when i passed by a chinese coffee shop. then i saw this aunty. in real life, this aunty exists. she's physically ok, can walk, can talk but she always go to people and say 'ah boy ah can giv me rm2 r, i 1 2 buy milo. i 1 2 buy rice'. but then u can always see her smoke.

so in my dream, she was also selling curry puff. i teased her. i kacau her. i begged from people in a very funny way and i used English. haha. then i took his curry puff. i just grab it from her.

and i start to sell it. RM1 each. damn laku! so many ppl buy from me. funny thing is, the curry puff doesnt look like a curry puff AT ALL! it's like some kueh, long-long 1. but i duno y in my dream, it is a curry puff.

ppl there were so happy to taste my curry puff. Then there was this group of Indians. i approached them i asked want curry puff anot. they dun u'stand. y?? they r from India.

then my last customer. the man finally bought a currry puff from me after so hard i persuade him. suddenly before he pay me, a public bus came. i was in the rush to take the bus. then this cilaka man still dilly-dally dun wana gime the rm1. ee.. finally he gave me n i hop into the bus.

i got all the $. bye bye the aunty.

what a crazy dream. that's the reason i prefer not to sleep in the afternoon or till late afternoon because i always get this stupid weird dreams. eee.. sometimes the dream is so out of my mind and scary.

QUOTE of the day

If you want something, work hard for it and you will get it. You can do it, therefore you must do it. Nothing is unachievable.

12th = Happy

SONG of the day

IBU - P. Ramlee

arrghh! i miss my mum so much tonite!


i have been listening to Ibu since last night. im addicted to it!

do you miss your mum?? do you? don't you? they are thinking of you. do you know that? they dun 1 your money. they just 1 some simple hi and some time from you.. sometimes we care more abt other people and other stuffs in the world then the one who carried us around in her tummy for 9 months. =(

listen lah to this song. it's a very simple yet meaningful song. i first heard of it when i was very small.. now i'll pass this song to my children.. if i have one. =p


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

ibu, ibu
engkaulah ratu hatiku
bila ku berduka engkau hiburkan selalu

ibu, ibu
engkaulah ratu hatiku
tempat ku menyerah kasih tiap waktu

betapa tidak kerna engkaulah
yang menyinari hidupku
sepanjang masa engkau berkorban
tidak putusnya bagai air lalu

ibu, ibu
engkaulah ratu hatiku
tak dapat ku melupakan wahai ibu

betapa tidak hanya engkaulah
yang menyinari hidupku
sepanjang masa engkau berkorban
tidak putusnya bagai air lalu

ibu, ibu
engkaulah ratu hatiku
tak dapat ku melupakan

wahai ibu